Book Review: wicked book ever

Rating: 5 stars

i really liked this book because i can actually relate to how halley’s character is written and how people would want to take a walk on the wild side.

i think this book shows you how strong a person’s friendship can become and in the twists and turns in life the still are really close.

me having a best friend and having a steady boyfriend i can tell that it is really hard to balance everyone out equally, but at the end i’m always able to see what i’d be like without my best friend.

i really enjoyed reading the book and i really hope that there are more books out in the same lines.

Book Review: A choice that would change your life forever? Read on….

Rating: 5 stars

Someone Like You

Sarah Dessen

Have you ever had a decision to make that would change your life forever? Well, Someone Like You is a story about a very true friendship and a love story. The main characters are Halley and Scarlett.

Scarlett has always been known to be the socially popular girl, and Halley has always been known as Scarlett’s quiet sidekick. Scarlett has always been there for Halley through her most difficult times. Now, it is Halley’s turn to repay her friend when Scarlett’s boyfriend is killed in a motorcycle accident, and Scarlett is pregnant with his baby. That is when everything begins to fall apart. It becomes very difficult for Scarlett to decide what to do. Scarlett will need all the support she can get from her best friend Halley.

Once I began reading this book, I could not put it down. There was always something interesting throughout the book that kept my interest. I have to say, this has to be one of my most favorite books. The characters are great. And Halley is always supportive even though she has so many things going on in her personal life. I really think it is easy to relate this story to real life. Sarah Dessen also has another book called This Lullaby, which you can relate to and also understand how the author likes to go through a teen’s true feeling in life, and what a teen gets out of through each experience.