In Atul Gawunde’s book, we get a behind the scenes look at his life as a resident in Internal Medicine and some of the truths that people must accept take place when they enter a hospital. What amazes me most about Gawunde’s writing is his use of anecdotes to perpetuate his arguments and ideas.

His experiences have been so rich and varied that he is able to draw upon so many fascinating cases to highlight some of the great and some of the not so great aspects of medicine and of learning to be a physician. Anyone who would like to be a doctor – and especially those who want to go into any surgical field – will benefit from this open and honest account of what it truly means to be a doctor. I was thoroughly engaged and even scared to learn about what often goes on in the mind of the person wielding the scalpel blade.

Book Review: Imperfect but ultimate human science

Rating: 5 stars

Dear readers,very honest story from surgeon and I would say that if somebody wants to learn that how everybody is same even though no matter what your job is ! you should go ahead explore complications.I need more suggestions on this kind of books if you have list or some nice book let me know.

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