Let me give you an example for your cover letter so say yeah but you have a really good selling point that you’re the president of the engineering Club at your trip some kind of engineering club at your your JC maybe your Society of Automotive Engineers president and you increase membership by 50 percent right so then in your statement you need you need to be very explicit because it more explicit you are the better right so you write you know as the president of SAE at you know mount sac Community College I increase membership from 50 to 100 or no 50 to 75 whatever it is be very discreet or explicit because that because what I notice is a lot of personal statements are obscure and they don’t really give like concrete examples. Find out more on Edusson.

And I think when you’re trying to convince someone to why the she let you into their university having concrete examples is is better um but say it’s not something that is measurable say you’re trying to sell that you’re really interested in engineering right but you can’t say like oh my interest in engineering is is a 10 out of 10 right that’s kind of cheesy or you know so say if you’re trying to do something that’s not measurable like it doesn’t have count measured by units like you can’t say it you can’t measure that your interests in engineering and units right so if it’s something that is not measurable then you need to sell it in terms of an imaginary statement like you know after I joined after watching museum the Boeing Museum.

Now all I could think about is engineering you know every day I would wake up and engineering engine being aerospace engineers all I could think of you know I would go I would go home and then I would go home after school and Google airplanes or stuff like that so basically if you can’t write it in a way that is qualitative I mean meaning you can’t you didn’t increase membership by 50% or you didn’t do you didn’t increase the amount of events by 30% or you didn’t place third place you didn’t place first place something that’s not measurable or not concrete then you need to use as much imagery as possible so that you can put the reader in your shoes to feel connected to you all right fo.

Tip number four is a lot of people are afraid to be different I am in their personal statements and a lot of these personal statements honestly if I feel like I’m reading like the same shit pretty much except like some slight difference like but for most part I think people too many people are following a cookie cutter way to write a personal statement and that’s not really a good way to sell yourself um I think it’s it’s good to be different and be confident in that in that difference uh for example if I was going to apply to grad school I would definitely write about my youtube channel.