Book Review: an inner journey

Rating: 5 stars

Atul Gawande’s book “Complications” is a rewarding read on many levels. The reader is drawn in smoothly along a thread of entertaining medical vignettes. These anecdotes serve as the framework for a set of well reasoned essays that explore the inner life of the surgeon. Gawande’s primary purpose is to convey the various challenges, surprises, and contradictions that he has encountered as a surgical resident. His scrupulous honesty in describing the motivations, limitations, exhilarations, foibles, and challenges of the surgical profession is refreshing.

I was disappointed by two omissions. Firstly, Gawande does not deal in this book with the issue of tort reform and malpractice insurance. Perhaps this will become a more significant issue for him as he moves into independent practice. Secondly, thoughout the book I kept wondering why he did not apply decision analysis to his difficult medical decisions. When in the last chapter Gewande describes an unsuccessful attempt to apply decision analysis, it is clear that the analysis methods had not been correctly taught to him. Maybe these are issues that he can address in a future book – a book which I look forward to reading.

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Book Review: A must read for aging Boomers . . .

Rating: 5 stars

As an aging Boomer, ‘Complications’ provided me with a candid glimpse into the day to day realities of surgical medicine. This book revealed several rather significant misconceptions I previously held concerning surgeons and surgical practice and exposed them as myths using real-world examples and statistical evidence. My primary conclusion after reading this book is that caveat emptor (buyer beware) holds as true in the arena of surgical medicine as it does at the mall or supermarket.

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