You may be able to ask a friend to give you honest feedback they could read your essay even if they’re not an expert in strategic management they can comment on whether it was clearly structured if they found it interesting if they were confused or not etc even yourself if you able to let the answer essay sit for a few days you can have a look at it with new eyes and that may actually be a very useful way of you getting feedback from yourself that will then lead to you very neatly to step 7 which is the revision process every essay can be improved improvements may include adding subtracting moving or changing.

So what do you need to add to an essay there may be the need to add more evidence or maybe to explain a point more thoroughly you may need to add more descriptive details you may need to add those phrases to introduce quotation very often you’ll need to add stronger transitions to guide the reader or to show the connection between sentences or paragraphs now depending on the style that you’re expected to use you may need to add headings or subheadings there may be a need for additional referencing of your ideas but it may also be opportunities to subtract when you look at your essay again you may realize that some points which seemed interesting when you were writing are not actually really relevant to your thesis statement so can become completely sometimes that means cutting a whole paragraph it may be that you’ve just wandered off the topic that perhaps you’ve included too much detail in some areas that needs to be cut maybe your examples don’t really fit so well so they can be cut in general it may be that some of your effort this is rather weak and that could become moving now it may be that looking again at the information some paragraphs can be put before or after in order to create more logic this is where another reader may be able to help you to give you suggestions it may be that your thesis statement.

Might be better in a different position or some of the information in your introduction or conclusion may actually be moved to the body sometimes you might find that you’re trying to say too much in your introduction and some of those ideas really need their own paragraph separately so that your introduction isn’t too heavy too long and what might you need to change well sometimes it’s a question of language we want to have our favorite words have you been using them a little bit too much perhaps a different example would be stronger maybe evidence from a different source would be more credible really does your title suit your essay if you are able to choose a title then perhaps that can be changed to create a better fit and the last step in revision is proofreading just checking the accuracy of your written English.