He moves the action forward in snapshot scenes rife with blood and guts and never lets the reader down until the tale is spun. His characters are sexy and interesting, having common threads that enhance the plot while still being easily identifiable individuals. REIGN OF THE RAT is an educational thriller about a scenario that could easily happen in our lifetime. It is a must read and is also an easily enjoyable read.

Book Review: Great book by a great guy

Rating: 5 stars

It’s shocking that as his first book of fiction, Dr. Smolin produced such a masterpiece. A fabulously written book, fast-paced and a thriller that you can’t put down. Loved it. Let’s see more from this talented man.

Book Review: Fabulous!!

Rating: 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The thrilling, twisting, fast plot, complex growing characters in a great setting. It couldn’t be better. Thank you Barnes and Noble for stocking it.

Book Review: A first-class thriller

Rating: 5 stars

This book has everything. Great characters, whom I would love to hang out with, especially Alice, Michael, Vera and Brother Rose. Great scenery in Nepal, Norway and back in the States and a great, twisting and everchanging plot. Love all the science too.

When’s the next book coming!

Book Review: A blockbuster!

Rating: 5 stars

If ever there was a book made for the movies, this is it! And it’s timely too. Readers can see how governments and people react to a pandemic and how they should react. Besides being informative, it’s downright fun. Great heroes and surprising villains in a fantastic, exotic world. Wow!

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