A dangerous Adventure

Running head: A DANGEROUS ADVENTURE 1Adangerous AdventureNameInstitutionDateAdangerous AdventureJohnyearns for a list of things before he reaches forty. He recountedthem one by one and concluded that he had an achievement quite. Heworked for the best of his wife Jackie and his son Alex who hadgotten used to his adventurous treatments like risky windsurfing andwater boarding. He had climbed several mountains, and he felt proudof himself on recounting the successful air diving that he and hisgroup had over summer. To his wife and son, he was a jack of alltrades, and he was not ready to prove to them that he was incapableof something.Asusual during the weekend, he decided to try a hand in speed boats inthe company of his family. He settled for Charleston for its sereneenvironment and a significantly reduced control on the use of boats.A closer look at the excitement on his wife’s face could reveal ashred of uncertainty since none of the escapades was barren of risksespecially when his husband took the wheel. “Canyou operate a speed boat Mr. John?” the dock attendant inquired.Before he could answer, his wife was quick to point out, that didremember hi having the slightest experience.“Itis okay. I have done it many times and never bumped on a rock.”John replied as a matter of fact. Withthe gears in place, John rolled the boat to the excitement of Alex.At several points, his wife could also admire the dexterity of theswerves. The level of doubt and lack of confidence in the operatorwas slowly declining. However,as it always happened during such moment with John, he exaggeratedthe climax of his action to please his companying friends. Jackie wasalmost settling to relief until when John sped for the last time. Theacceleration was too fast that it even took the smile off Alex’sface. Jackie also tensed and looked at his husband with doubtfuleyes. To reassure his family that he was still the apt rider, Johnmade the final swerve but it was too fast for the boat to turn (TheRowing Victoria, 2014).Everyonewas thrown overboard. The three of them screamed as they swam to stayafloat. Fortunately, there was another boat nearby that rushed tosave them.jim could not meet the look o his frightened, shocked lookof his son and wife.“Oneday you are going to kill us!” Jackie shouted. “At least we areall safe, and that`s the most important thing, &quotJohn said to hisfamily.


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