A Reflection on Community Nursing


AReflection on Community Nursing

Communitynursing is an important course since I have gained much knowledge andskills thatwill be put apliedto enhance the health of the people in the communities, especiallythe poor. According to Nies and McEwen (2015), community healthnursing aims at improving and enhancing the lives of community peoplein integrating resources, policies and nursing skills in implementingeffective health-related strategies. Among the things that I havelearnedfrom this course, is evaluating health trendsand risk factors of population groups. Theskill on evaluating trends can be used to prioritize interventionsfor the targeted groups. Populationsare facing many challenges such as lack of access to health centers,diseases, lack of knowledge on healthy living among others.Evaluating trendsas a skill is significant since it ensures thevarious interventions put in place address population’s healthneeds in a manner that the community gets satisfied.

Anotherskill learnedfrom this course is the incorporationof community participation, knowledge about the whole population andclinical health understanding. As a community nurse, am expected toapply this skill in my current practice to serve the community ona personal level tohelp in promoting their health through all ways possible. From thecourse, the skill of translating knowledge from health and socialsciences to ensure implementation of effective health programs andinterventions to reach out to the targeted populations. Having gainedthe knowledge on integrating information science and clinical data, Iwill put into practice nursing informatics to ensure I become asuccessful community health nurse. The knowledge of relatingepidemiological data and clinical understanding will be important inconducting supervision and monitoring of disease trends within thecommunity. Such a practice will be helpful in drawing rising patternswith potential threats to public’s health to ensure theidentification and implementation of effective and suitablestrategies.


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