Abuse of Power

Abuseof Power


Myfeeling from the events

Afterwatching the video repeatedly, I would be lying if I said it did notbother me. First of all, the right term to use is to say that theevents of the video annoyed be terrible. Did that happen in thecurrent United States of America? So many endless questions can beraised from the unfortunate incidence. I would only expect that tohappen in movies or somewhere in a dictatorship. But not in ademocracy and law abiding superpower like the United States. I wouldnot have been bothered too much if the same happened in North Koreaor a country like Zimbabwe in Africa because such is the order of theday. It is known that police and other law enforcement authority actwithout due consideration to accomplish what they intend toaccomplish.

Iam annoyed because this is a case of infringement of the basic humanright. The police, in this case, failed even to establish the reasonfor their coming to the house of the victims. Before a person isarrested by the police, it is basic to inform the victim why he orshe is ben arrested. But in this case, the sheriffs outside the houseof the victims bang the door so loudly that the inhabitants have tocall the emergency number 911 to confirm and authenticate thewhereabouts. To their utter shock, the emergency service provedfutile because no help came. I have an issue If the people of Americacannot feel safe in their country. What about those in diaspora? I amannoyed and bothered because the very authority that we expect touphold and maintain peace and order is the cause breaking the law. Inthe 21stcentury, I do not expect such issues to be happening in America, moreso the metropolitan state of Georgia.

Myrealization of the events

Ihave come to realize, from the video and articles, that the police inthe law enforcement system do not follow the law. Identification bythe sheriffs is required before the police seek to either arrest orquery a person in his or her residence. When the sheriff arrives inthe home of the victims, they started to bang the door and to cite awrong address. That raised a concern to the victim who replied bytelling the sheriff that they got the wrong address. However, theiraggressiveness never let them, and they persisted. The inhabitants ofthe house went a point further and called the 911 services explainingthe incidence. What does the emergency service provider? Nothing wasdone to their assistance. The promise was I guess, meant to get themfrom disturbance. Due to persistent aggressiveness, the victimsdecide to open the door, and they are roughed like a terrorist.

Theirmother is arrested while they are handcuffed. No explanation as towhy they are treated the same is provided. The sheriffs usedisrespectful language and insult the two brothers threatening themwith jail. Unless otherwise provided, the law is categorical andprovides that the law enforcement authority cannot enter privateproperty unless a warrant has been sought from a court to authorizethe same. From the video, the sheriff did not bother to explain thereason for their arrest and only asked them a personal question thatone has a right to keep. They try to explain they are innocent, butthat fall on deaf ears. One of the sheriffs shamelessly swears abouthis wish to see the two in jail. The two, however, remained calm toavoid any situation that could compromise their position and justifyan arrest. We are not safe even in the hand of those supposed toymaintain law and order in society.

QuestionsI Can Raise

Personally,the incident can lead to a thousand of a question. But to cut thelong story short, I would like to know how credible and reliable isour criminal justice system? The Constitution of the United States ofAmerica has provided that there will be a justice system to overseeimplementation of the law and also to maintain law and order.Therefore, it is expected that the authorities mandated and empoweredby operation of law with these function to be reliable, fair andcredible. However, with an occurrence of such events as have beendemonstrated by the video, it comes out clear that the criminal andjustice system is not reliable anymore. The 911 emergency serviceswas a precaution set by the American federal government aimed atproviding emergency security service to the citizens and inhabitantsof America.

Thevictims, in this case, would not understand whether it was the policesince a wrong address was cited and the level of aggressiveness.Failure to serve the victims with an arrest warrant or a searchwarrant yet the two is handcuffed in their house. This is a puredisregard of law and infringement of basic human rights. Whom shouldwe believe and trust when the sheriffs and the federal agents, forinstance, are the very people who do not regard the law? This is achallenge to the head of law enforcement authority so that propercode of ethics and professionalism should be required of officers onduty. There should be measures to be taken to those who fail tofollow the stipulation of law.

Adviceto the victims

Thefirst thing is to comment the behavior of the victims because theyare cautious about their security. They realized a wrong addressbeing cited and that raised a concern necessitating an inquiry fromthe 911 emergency services. They also reacted well when they arearrested and did not resist any action taken by the sheriff and atthe same time talked with requisite respect. They also have anaccount of what orchestrated. However, I would advise the family tosue the sheriff for infringement of their various rights. Unlawfularrest because the sheriff failed to serve a warrant for arrest tothe family yet they were arrested.

Thesheriff trespassed on private property without the requireddocumentation, which could include a search warrant. The banging ofthe door also equates to disturbance and the family can sue for thesame and could claim compensation. The sheriffs along theconversation also threatened to break the door the next time theyhappen to need to come to the same house. Threatening a fellowcitizen is never allowed, and the family can also sue for the sameand require security from the authority from the aggressive sheriff.The sheriffs acted ultra vires, which is prohibited under the publicadministration law, and that can be ground to demand theirtermination from their appointment.

Suggestionsto Improve the Justice System

Thepopular fallacy that the sheriffs act within their jurisdictionshould be reassured. They’re in clear evidence of the brutality ofthe sheriff towards innocent citizens. Gross disregard of the law andinfringement of the basic rights of a citizen is dominant in theevents. The system should be strict on all the officers requiring aclear understandings and application of the law when in the line ofduty. Further the officers who fail to follow the law should bepunished, and if the misconduct is gross, they should be terminated.This is to increase credibility and reliability if our criminaljustice system to the system. The only way law and order will bemanaged is through a decisive collaboration between the agencies andthe citizen. When the citizens have low credibility with the system,sharing of vital information may be affected and as such increase incriminal activities.

Itis also important for the heads of the criminal justice system toeducate the public on their rights, freedoms and privileges in casesuch events occurred. This is to avoid unfortunate events that insome incidents can be irreversible. This way, the position of thesheriff and the suspected criminal is clear and n right will beinfringed and at the same time the law enforcement agencies get whatthey wanted. The accuracy of the information is also supposed to bestressed by the authorities to minimize the incidences of confusingsituations. The sheriff cited a wrong address that necessitated thefamily not to open the door since they could not verify if it werethe officers from the sheriff department. If the system can effectsome of these improvements, the criminal justice and law enforcementsystem will improve and gain credibility.


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