Admission Essay to Naval Academy


AdmissionEssay to Naval Academy

JohnF Kennedy once said “ask not what your country can do for you, askwhat you can do for your country.” Education is an essentialelement that can aid in overcoming challenges that is critical inmaking a difference in the country. As an American, I perceiveeducation as being important in the accomplishment of the much neededcivilization. In order to be capable of serving the country,education is fundamental. Therefore, the JFK words resonate well withme since seeking education in the Naval Academy can help in acquiringskills and knowledge that is important in serving the Americanpeople.

Aninterest in the naval service has been driven by my strong desire toserve the country. Since I was a teen, I have always admired workingin the navy and having the experience of serving my nation. Thisinterest of serving the country became inspired by my father who onceworked in the U.S Navy. Since my father was my inspiration, I admiredbeing like him, which gave me an interest to join the naval academy.Besides, an initial interest in the naval service is the immenseneeds and threats in the American land as well as other countries inthe globe. Due to the existing threats, it is critical for youngpeople to step up and become leaders so as to protect the freedom andsovereignty of the people. Without the young people stepping up andtaking the leadership roles in the country, it is likely that the oldleaders will retire and the country will be exposed to imminentdanger.

Mygoal is being part of the medical corps of the United States. TheNaval Academy will help me in achieving this goal because it willoffer education and training that is critical in ensuring that I gainknowledge and skills that are required in serving as a medical corp.In the Naval Academy, my skills will be supported and augmented inrealizing the goal of being part of the medical corps of the UnitedStates.

Thecharacter that I have developed can be related to that of HarrietTubman. One of the aspects that I value is teamwork. Teamwork is acritical aspect since, in serving the nation one will need to workas a team. Personally, I have developed this characteristic throughengagement in different fields. For instance, I have been involved inplaying varsity tennis where teamwork is an essential aspect indelivering a victory. I have also engaged in different clubs such asLiaison Club and Key Club, where I have developed teamwork skills.Leadership is another characteristic that I identify with. I havebeen involved in different leadership roles I have been involved inteaching and coaching youth in classes and USTA Jr. Teams. Also, Ihave served as an executive officer of family Community CareerLeaders of America (FCCLA) since 2014 to present. Furthermore, beinga volunteer ambassador at WakeMed Hospital Raleigh, NC has helped indeveloping leadership skills. Other characteristics that I havedeveloped are being honorable, courageous, trustworthy and caring. Ihave always desired to thrive with competition wanting to be thebest this gives me an inner excitement. When teaching youths how toplay tennis, I always teach them to be honorable by calling shotscorrectly.


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