Advanced Practice Nursing

AdvancedPractice Nursing

Advancedpractice nurses are very pivotal in the health care since they are atthe forefront of delivering primary health services. They areprofessionals in the different nursing sections like theater nursing,nurse anesthesiology, midwifery among others. Due to their advancedlearning they play a vital role in preventive health care services aswell as guiding other junior nurses in service delivery. The advancednursing course has a comprehensive approach to all the issues innursing from practice to policy. The course has rich information inmolding the nurse professional into a dynamic and competentindividual. The course will be instrumental in developing my careerand from it will gain valuable skills and knowledge (Hamric, Hanson,Tracy, &amp O`Grady, 2010).

First,the advanced nursing course has detailed ad comprehensive explanationof the role of the nurse. The occupation does not have an allowancefor malpractice since people`s lives may be in danger (Hamric et al.,2010). I look forward to gaining insight on my roles in differentsituation in the course of work. The course outlines the roles of thedifferent nurse professionals and draws a line to avoid conflicts inthe health.

Secondly,all along, I have been introduced to embracing evidence-basednursing. The advanced nursing course incorporates EBP in itstraining. It is one of the topics that will be of great interest tome since the decisions I will be making in the course of my willrequire an informed basis. Although I have the basics of EBP, theadvanced nursing will enable me to gain a deep insight into itsimportance. I will understand the various processes in which it is aprimary factor to consider (Hamric et al., 2010).

Asan advanced nurse professional, it is certain that I willoccasionally find myself in situations that will require my guidance,especially in places with the junior staff. Such situations willdemand leadership qualities. I am optimistic that the course willequip me in preparation for leadership in the healthcare setting. Oneof the course’s main content is to shape nurse professional intoreliable and competent leaders. The decisions made in criticalsituations require relevant training since they may have far-reachingeffects on the lives of people.

Thecourse will play an important role in guiding me through ethicaldecision-making. The daily challenges and situations I face every dayrequires an informed mind on the best course of action that isconsistent with the code of ethics developed for the nurseprofession. Different situations call for varied approaches whensettling on the most favorable conclusions (Hamric et al., 2010). The course includes the ethical codes set by the different regulatingbodies that are in the best interest of the patients and theprofession.

Finally,the course describes the health policy that includes the differentplans and strategies put by the various institutions in the societyto improve the health of the population (Hamric et al., 2010). As aprofessional in this field, I need to acquaint myself with the futureof the health care industry in the country. The policies institutedby the government have different implication on the practices.Sometimes, one may act in the oblivion of the policies, and this mayappear as an intention contravention of the provisions of the state.The course will orient to the best practices as expected by thegovernment as well as understanding how various strategies plansaffect me as an advanced nurse.


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