All schools should be co-ed


Allschools should be co-ed


Most schools aresingle sex. Although some people believe that single-sex schoolsprovide more benefits to students, I believe coeducational ones havebetter benefits than the single sex. In fact, all schools should beco-ed.

It is significant tonote that a coeducational condition provides boys and girls aplatform to communicate with each other. In children’s formativeage, it is critical that they share diverse perceptive of life inconstructive ways, and school avails a perfect platform for doing so.Boys and girls socializing and interacting with each other in a co-edwill have lesser challenges at their future work as well as marriage.Besides, boy and girls are a good influence on each other henceengendering good behavior and maturity. Interesting, academiccompetition between boys and girls results in improved grades atschool. Boys will work harder in classes to impress girls while girlswill try to outsmart boys. However, from a religious perspective,especially Islam, the school should be co-ed after student attainsadolescence. Single sex schools may be the reason for poorperformance and gender discriminations in most Islamic countries.

Although coeducationschools provide a competitive environment, students in these settingface various distraction. It is hard for boys and girls toconcentrate in such a setting since they tend to destruct each other.Most often the subject of study becomes the other gender rather thanthe classroom unit. Besides, boys think differently from girls. Forinstance, girls benefit from more listening and speaking activitieswhile boys prefer activities, such as a hand on tasks that focustheir kinesthetic preferences. However, to increase a competitiveenvironment and reduce distraction, boys and girls should attend thesame school but taught in a different classroom.

In contrast to co-ed school that are modern and progressive, one maybelieve that single-sex school are a reminder to the society of thepast where only boys were allowed to any education. Detaching boysfrom girls may remind the women of the gender issues of the past andnegatively affecting their performance in school. I believe co-edschool have more benefits and ensure a bright future for all thestudents. Besides, making all schools co-ed is a significant step ofeliminating roots linked to gender discrimination in our society.


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