American History



Expandingand Evolving Gender Roles


Iwould choose Sandra Cisneros who wrote the “WomanHollering Creek and Other Stories”.One fact I find interesting is her strong nature that s expressedthrough the writing. She elaborately identifies issues that affectthe growth of a woman, including stereotypes and gender inequality.Through her experiences, as told in the story, Cisneros appears as astrong woman who had to beat many odds to realize her goals. Sheconcentrateson direct action impacts that writings have great impacts inadvancing the interests of women(Cisneros, 1992).


Socialinequality is another aspect that was predominant in the struggle forgender roles (Hemingway,2014).Looking at the stereotypes that place women as second-class citizens,it is evident that social inequality develops in the society. SandraCisneros is a significant character to relate to the issueshighlighted, particularly on gender inequality and stereotypes.

PartIII: One important aspect I pick about the author is her storyabout stereotyping that existed in the society. Stereotyping existedin the American society with full knowledge that the matter wasdetrimental in the development of women (Song,1983).The author highlights her own experiences to portray the socialinequality that existed previously in her society. Cisneros iszealous about championing for the rights of women in themale-dominated society. In the book, she encourages women to find newand better roles away from the traditional duties. This shows thatshe was ready to challenge the stereotypes and cultures that wereinhibitive towards the growth of women. Cleófilas,for instance, got married to an abusive and unfaithful man. Cleófilaswas not allowed to get a man for herself but rather she had to takeher father’s choice. It is through the challenges she experiencedduring her marriage that empowered her to champion for her rights(Cisneros,1992).


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