An unforgettable Adventure


Anunforgettable Adventure

Anunforgettable Adventure

Ihave always been described as an outdoorsy person due to my affectionwith adventures that involve hiking. Indeed, it used to take littleconvincing for me to get into the bandwagon and agree to take a hikewith my friends. However, this hiking expedition felt different and,for the first time in my life, I was reluctant to take the challenge.

Standingat the bottom of the hill now, I understood my fears and reluctance.The gloomy and dark hole on the rock was extremely daunting, letalone the daunting cliff. Getting here had also been extremelytroublesome since our jeep had not only broken down but also burstinto flames. This meant that we had no option but to go ahead withthe hiking and possibly seek other ways of getting home.Unfortunately, we had not even managed to get the entire cargo fromthe jeep as the flames were engulfing it very quickly. This meantthat the resources were quite limited. Compounded by our inability tocarry all the cargo, it was evident that we were doomed from thebeginning. Now, it seemed that the best thing would be to climb thecliff and possibly get some reception so that we can call for help.On getting to the higher grounds, new cliffs would come up with nohope for getting better reception for our phones. Before long,nightfall had set in and there was nothing much we could have doneother than light a fire and get into a tent so that we could climbsome more the following morning. We started climbing and hiking againin the mountainous region in the morning and were getting immenselyoverwhelmed. The water resources were getting depleted fast and thejourney was not close to getting to an end.

Inthe group of five, two individuals were already getting worn out andcould barely walk. This not only slowed down the group but alsonecessitated that they be assisted to keep pace, which was prettydaunting. At this time, the region was bare plains, which showed theexpansive region that we had to cover. The resources had already beendepleted and our mobile phones had batteries down already. This meantthat we were already trapped in the wilderness and could not make anycontact with the “outside” world. It necessitated that we come upwith strategies for survival until, at least, we were found or wemade our way to better places. Unfortunately, we did not have muchthat could be used to signal for help. We lost count of the days,with our minds becoming dazed as we silently waited for death. Thingsbecame worse at one time when one individual started playing withmatches absent-mindedly, only for the vegetation to catch fire. Ithink at this time, every person was sure that they would die. As itturned out, the fire was actually our saving grace. Not only did itforce or give us the impetus to garner the remaining strength andescape the likely painful death but it also attracted forestmanagement agencies who rushed to the scene to put it out. We simplycould not believe that we had actually been saved.

Lookingback, we can only be grateful for the “misfortune” of a fire asit turned to be the best thing that happened to us. On retrospect, wecould have been more prepared for the trip by having at least twovehicles just in case one broke down, and alerting our friends andfamily on every progress that we made. The adventure also taught meabout the human resilience particularly in the face of danger, aswell as the value of working together even in times of calamity.