Annotated Bibliography



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Thisscholarly article talks about a firm’s production processes and howthey can be improved through a proper operations management strategy.It suggests that a clear plan has to be designed to have a clearproduction schedule such that each individual is assigned their roleappropriately. Further, the article provides an analysis of theoperations strategies that a firm can implement in order toincorporate technology in the production process. Operationsmanagement should lead to improved quality of products, reduce thecost of production, improve the quality of goods produced, and reducethe time taken to improve.

Krajewski,L. J., Ritzman, L. P., &amp Malhotra, M. K. (2009). Operationsmanagement. Reading,MA ua: Addison Wesley.

Inthis article, the authors provide an account of how operationsefficiency could be improved through a clearly defined set ofstrategies. The authors carried out an extensive research of theoperations of many different leading manufacturing firms around theworld. The finding proved that those firms that had a clearlystructured operations management program had higher production thanthose which did not clearly structure operations and productionplans. The article emphasize on the importance of operationsmanagement in a production firm. Firms with higher quality andquantity goods produced higher than those that lacked.

Lutz,H., Birou, L., &amp Kannan, V. R. (2014). Analysis of highereducational offerings in operations management. InternationalJournal of Information and Operations Management Education,5(4),297-310.

Thisarticle presents the importance of benchmarking as an operationsmanagement and quality improvement strategy. It focuses on totalquality improvement in the core production activity in order to gaina competitive edge. What it means is that the firm aims at becomingthe best in terms of quality and offering the products at the lowestcost possible. Technology is a key component in quality improvementand increasing production efficiency. Gaining a competitive advantagegoes far in improving profits made by the firm and penetrating newmarkets.