Appeal Letter


ToDean of Student,

Iam Alex Maxwell, a second year student at MSU. Last semester, I wassuspended because of low GPA grades. When I obtained the news of mysuspension, I was in a deep shock and affected. However, Iunderstood the reason for the suspension my GPA grade of 1.6 did notmeet the requirement of the institution and allow me be a member ofthe school. I fully accept the responsibility and blame for thepredicament I am in right now. Throughout the semester, I had manyfamily problems and tribulations that made me not concentrate well atschool. My mum was sick and had been admitted. Therefore, I had tomake frequent visits to the hospital. This ended up affecting mystudies since there are lessons that I missed and sometimes I failedto hand in my assignments. I was also not able to sit for all myexaminations. This highly contributed to my low performance in mygrades.

Iam kindly requesting to be considered for re admission in yourschool. My mother is now well and at home fully recovered. Inaddition, the one semester that I have been out of school, I decidedto take a math on line course that I have completed and passed verywell. If given the opportunity to come back to school, I promise towork harder by reading, attending all my classes, and revising mywork. I will also ensure that I hand in my assignments on time and doall the required examinations.

Thanksin advance for your kind consideration. You will not regret taking meback as one of your students.