Apple; Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies

AppleCorporateResponsibility and Marketing Strategies



AppleCorporateResponsibility and Marketing Strategies


AppleCorporation has become one of the forces to reckon with thetelecommunication industry. The company is well known for itsperformance, and role in designing, manufacturing, and marketing ofmobile communication as well as media devices. In addition, thecompany equally deals with designing and marketing of personalcomputers, music players, as well as selling of different software’s,networking solutions not forgetting digital content and applications.On the other hand, the company also sells digital content andapplications such as through App store, iTunes store among otherplatforms. Some of its products and services include the iPhone,iPad, iPod, Mac, iPod, Apple TV, among others (Schneiders,2011).This paper will focus on the company’s ethical and socialresponsibility, as well as its marketing strategies, as well as itsimpact on its reputation.

AppleCorporation, Current Position on Ethical and Social ResponsibilitiesMarketing Strategies

Differentaspects have elevated the Apple Company to be one of the giants inthe industry. Some of these aspects that have propelled the companyto be among the best are its ethical and social responsibilities.However, in the year 2005, the company formulated and put into use asupplier code of conduct which came a year before the accusations that came in relation to Sweatshops violations (Corporate SocialResponsibility, 2005). The code is believed to bind the companysuppliers to the highest standards of conduct, in the relation anddealings with employees, customers and suppliers (Brunsson, 2015).The code prohibited corruption, embezzlement, as well as compellingthem to observe the business standards in different company sectorssuch as sales, competition and advertising. The company has alsopledged to protect the whistleblowers, and encourage to contribute tosocial as well as the economic well-being not forgetting protectingand respecting intellectual property.

However,with the reported cases of child labor use by some of its suppliersmaimed the company’s reputation which led to the termination of thesupplier’s contract with Apple Corporation. The impact of theviolations made by the Apple suppliers to its reputation somewhatresulted to increase the company sells. However, the company facedincreased attention from its competitors, consumers and the public asto how it would respond to the violations.

Interms of marketing strategies, the company has adopted differentmarketing styles which are all intended to achieve its objectives andgoals towards its customers. With its diverse products, ranging fromsoftware’s, phones, computers, and music gadgets, the company isknown to use a strategy that entails the creation of secrecy aroundits production which in turn creates speculation and buzz among itscustomers. This creation of secrecy in their production contributesto growing of phenomenon consumer interest, hence increasing themarket for their incoming products after the hype (Urbaniak, 2015).On the other hand, the company is well known for wooing customersthrough its products design and packaging. The designing of theirproducts such as the iPhones, is a marketing strategy as well. Inaddition to this, the company creates illusion of scarcity with anintention of creating demand for their products, as well as creatinga passionate brand community of customers, who are proud to identifythemselves with the Apple brands, and values. Finally, the companyhas a well and excellent customer service which is used as amarketing tool for their products.

Thecompany has adequately fought towards the achievement of its socialresponsibilities. Towards the aspect of social responsibility, thecompany has embarked on the provision of a sustainable environment.The company has in turn managed to achieve its socialresponsibilities through the production of products in ways that areboth ethically and environmentally responsible to the people. Thecompany’s has embarked on dignity and respect among all itsemployees, provide education to its employees, empower workers, andreserve the environments. The company has managed to meet its socialresponsibilities through dedicated and well as stated goals when itcomes to social responsibilities. The company’s corporate socialresponsibility has over time been achieved through actions such asfollow up such as the case of the use of child labor in china by oneof its suppliers, the company promised to address the case.

Thepublication of the violations with respect to its ethics and socialresponsibilities by its supplier had varying impacts to the company.One of the impacts it led to fall out with its suppliers such as‘Foxconn’, and ‘Now Pegatron’ due to violations of differentcodes of ethics which put the company on the wrong side of limelight. In addition, it led to the adoption of a third party to helpin increasing transparency between the company and the suppliers,which in a way brought along conflict of interest. Additionally, theincident’s acted as catalyst towards the corporation’s socialresponsibility as the company sought to improve its level and idea ofsocial responsibility in order to improve the working conditions ofits employees, and that of its suppliers (Brunsson, 2015).

Applededuceddifferent measures to curb future occurrences of such violations withits suppliers. One of the measures or methods that would deploy byApple Company to help in eliminating any future case of violationsincludes the establishments of an ethical code of conduct that mustbe met by all the suppliers. This would enable establish common rulesand regulation as well as laws governing all its suppliersuniformly. This would in turn tighten any loopholes for suppliers toviolate the set rules. In addition, the company can engage in thetraining of the suppliers, to ensure they have same and qualifiedpersonnel working in the supplying companies (Calderón, Ferrero &ampRedin, 2012). Moreover, the company can choose to employ a thirdparty oversight which would in accordance with need to improvetransparency. This would greatly help towards elimination of measurescontributing to violation of laws, and company ethics. The measureswould ensure giving the right wages for the employees working or theemployees (Luo &amp Bhattacharya, 2006). Additionally, the measureswould in order to help in avoiding violations of laws set and relatedto employment wages. Nevertheless, the company can embark on acompliance monitoring program which can be implemented from thesuppliers end. This may entail factory audits, cross, checking ofreports. Finally, suppliers working with the Apple Corporation needto sustain the&nbsprights of&nbspthe employees and in addition haveto establish the discrimination free workplace (Schneiders,2011).

Withthe products and services offered to their customers by the AppleCompany, I do believe that, the corporate customers would be morethan willing to part with more money for Apple’s products. Thecustomer has over time been willing to pay the price so as to get theproducts they desire (Urbaniak, 2015). This would be what thecustomers perceive is of value to their customers. According toCalderón, Ferrero &amp Redin (2012), a survey showed that, 48% ofconsumers gave their views that, they would buy the companies newiPad and of these customers, 74% of them would compare the gadget tonone, and in turn would do pay any amount to have it. As long as thecustomers have been satisfied, the company has been in no obligation to reduce their prices.

AppleCompany has used its marketing strategies as a moderator. Thecompany’s positioning strategy would be a positive aspect towardscommunicating the company’s social responsibility with reference totheir products being energy sufficient. In order to increase theircompetitive advantage in the global market, Apple needs tocontinuously sustain their innovation approach. The company needs tostay ahead in terms of innovation and technology in order to keep itsmarket share, reputation as well as global acceptance (Schneiders,2011).For example, at some point the blackberry was dominating the mobilecompany, but due to lack of innovation, the company was teetering tobankruptcy.


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