Argument against Relativism


Argumentagainst Relativism

Argumentagainst Relativism

Thestrongest argument against relativism in my opinion is the aspect oftruth about an issue and the determinants of ethics. The reading byJames Rachels about passive and active euthanasia presents theinadequacy of relativism by arguing against euthanasia based on theknowledge of truth about life and death. Specifically, Rachels givesan argument that relativism leads to the decision between life anddeath based on grounds that are irrelevant (Rachels, 2013). Mosser(2013) believes that the basis of moral relativism is leaving adecision such as about life and death to be interpreted by culturesdifferently.Oneof the reasons why Rachels asserts that relativism is inadequate isthat it lets people decide what is right and what is wrong based ontheir own different views about life and death (Rachels, 2013). Thereason given in the argument is that death is not a phenomenon to beleft to human beings to decide on, but for God to control. Whiledistinguishing passive and active euthanasia, Rachel further thinksthat no direct action should be designed to kill a patient.After an objective discussionwith classmates, it was evident that I and some others have held arelativistic belief that different cultures and countries are atliberty to decide what is to be considered human right or not. WhileI believe this assertion can be justified by relativists, I think itis rational for me to re-evaluate it. I now hold a different viewabout relativism, well enough to counter against my own belief byacknowledging the truth that human rights are universal and should beleft to different cultures to decide. This is because leaving such adecision to relativism will lead to abuse of human rights by ignoringthe universality of human rights. References

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