Arnolfini Portrait




  1. What key components of the work of art were discussed in the interpretation?

Therewere some key components discussed during the interpretation ofArnolfini’s portrait. The portrait covers the social status of thesubjects, crucifixion stories from the Passion of Christ,relationships between unequal members, fertility, among othersymbolic instances.

  1. What were some details shared regarding the method, tools, subjects, and social implications of the work of art?

Thereare a number of details shared in Arnolfini’s portrait. As priormentioned, the portrait encompasses great instances of symbolism, andthe method highly employed is that of symbolism. With regard totools wooden clogs are discussed, and are speculated to be inrelation to the book of Exodus in the Bible. The wooden clogs are asymbol of the important nature of happenings in the chamber. Ontosubjects, the details shared are in regard to their social status.Closely related to the details on the subjects is that of socialimplications of the work of art. Through the portrait, there’s aclear description of the subjects’ hierarchical matters in thesociety (Nation Gallery, 2012).

  1. What was one example of symbolism identified in the work of art?

Withregard to Arnolfini’s portrait, there are many instances ofsymbolism. One of the salient symbolism leans toward representationof the fashion for bulky robes. In the portrait, there is a woman whoappears to be heavy with child but, in real sense, she is notpregnant.

  1. Now that you have explored an example of an in-depth analysis of a work of art, how did this analysis differ from your own initial interpretation? What components of the analysis were absent from your own initial interpretation?

Thein-depth analysis of Arnolfini’s portrait encompasses all mythoughts in regard to the interpretation of the portrait. In myopinion, all the components of the portrait were covered in theanalysis hence it is a comprehensive interpretation and analysis.


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