Article Summary


  1. Article Information:

Article Facingthe Water Crisis ArticleSource/Date/Author: ScientificAmerican/2008/Peter Rodgers

  1. Important Points

  • Demand for fresh water has caused pressure on the resource

  • Demand exceeds supply in most parts of the world

  • Demand increases in areas with high population density

  • Golden rule – water is paid for to reduce pressure caused by high demand

  • Policymakers should protect ecosystems that provide water

  • Good pricing policies that achieves the highest water conservation is desirable

  • Prices compel municipalities to reduce losses

  • Water delivery systems should be improved

  • Efficient ways of applying water on the farm should also be developed

  • Leaks in the water delivery systems should be avoided

  • Low-tech systems solve water scarcity problems

  • Improved desalination methods boost supplies without destroying the ecosystem

  • Infrastructure for water conservation need to be implemented

  • Low-cost storage system should be implemented

  • Constraining demand and/or increasing supply can solve water shortage problem

  1. of Author’s Main Points:

Themain point of the article is that policy makers should implement thebest policies to reduce water crisis. Many parts of Africa and Asiaface water problems due to ineffective mechanisms of distribution(Rogers 2008). First, demand should be determined in order to supplywater to the areas that need it most. Pricing strategies should thenbe used to minimize losses. Water shortage can also be avoided byusing good infrastructure with minimum leakages and good storage.

  1. My Own Thoughts on the Topic

Wateris an essential part of human survival. Therefore, human beings needto conserve it using appropriate mechanisms. Although I think it isnot fair to charge money on this natural resource, giving it for freewould also lead to wastage. Water should be conserved so thateveryone, including the rich and the poor can access it. The bestconservation method is to use it in the best ways possible and avoidlosses.

  1. Relation to class

  • This article is related to the topic, “Water: resources and pollution” because they both talk about water conservation

  • Like the topic about water learned in class, this article talks about possible ways of water shortages and how demand can be matched with demand.

  1. Discussion questions

    1. If water is a natural resource like air, why should it be paid for?

    2. Does water treatment lead to protection of the ecosystem?


Rogers,Peter. Facingthe Freshwater Crisis.Scientific American, 2008. Print.