Article Summary and Review

ArticleSummary and Review

ReviewArticle by Femia Joseph (Work Cited page)

Theprinciples of Machiavelli are relevant in the current world andimpact significantly on the interpretation of the views of otherauthors, and political events. Therefore, the application of theconcepts, ideas and principles of Machiavelli can be validly andrelevantly be used to interpret international relations and worldpolitics. At the same time, Machiavellian principles can be used tointerpret various political commentators and authors of academicjournals about international relations. With this assertion in mind,this paper will explore the article by Joseph Femia about the statusof international relations, and in particular position of the UnitedStates as the super power in the world.

JosephFemia discusses the views on politics from the perspective ofMachiavellian principles. He describes the aspects of modern politicsfrom the vantage point of the Machiavelli. Through the application ofthe Machiavellian principles, Femia looks at the significance of thearguments on international relations. The article summarizes thethoughts of international relations from the Italian viewpoints ofthe Antonio Gramsci. By evaluating the views of Gramsci on the topicand Machiavellian principles, Femia argues for the relevance of theMachiavellian principles on the international relations on the modernday. This gives the ground for the article to present the argumentthat Machiavelli influenced the way people like Gramsci and Marxismview political experiences.

Inthe article, Femia also discusses the basic arguments by Machiavellithat shape the opinion of the people in regard to the relationshipbetween the state and another. While Femia does not give an outrightexplanation of how the nations relate to each other in the modernworld, he presents arguments that are based on the interpretation ofMachiavelli, as well as other writers. He presents the overview ofGramsci and Marxism by exploring how they borrow the views ofMachiavelli (Femia 2). In the article, Femia presents theinterpretation of Gramsci as a realist who borrowed more onMachiavellian in the understanding of the Machiavellian principles.

Atthe same time, Joseph Femia internationalizes the Machiavellianconcepts on the way states are run and politics played. Thediscussion of Machiavellian the common principles of Machiavelli ininternational relations give a framework for understanding the roleof politics in the international relations between states. In thisapproach, Femia provides a comprehensive perspective that presentsthe ideologies that describe the views of people on internationalrelations. Femia tries to interpret the reasons why countries relatethe way they do, through the view of the Machiavellian principles. Byapplying these principles, and citing discussions of Gramsci, Femiagives a valuable source for the exploring the superpower status ofunited state compared to other nations.


Ithink that the article presents a deeper understanding of theapplication of the political principles of Machiavelli to theinternational relations of modern day. While the article looks atthese principles, Femia also explores the aspects brought about byother authors of the past. This gives the basis of understanding howMachiavelli has influenced the understanding of the politicalrelations among nations. It is through such influence that thearguments by Femia a can be used to predict or interpret how theUnited States relates to other nations as a superpower. I think thisunderstanding gives the basis of knowing the way other states viewthe United States as a superpower and accord the country the status.

Inaddition, I think the arguments by Femia in the article provides abasis of interpreting how other state responds to the view that theunited states relates to them as the superpower. I think the relationof Femia of Machiavellian principles and views if Gramsci and Marxismgive a basis of understanding the view of other countries towards theUnited States. In using the arguments by Femia, I will take the basisof the Machiavellian principles rather than the interpretation byFemia. However, I think Femia presents an argument that makes thearticle valid and relevant in understanding international relationsbetter. As a result of the relevant arguments and interpretations ofMachiavelli discussed by Femia, this article presents a valuablesource in my paper.

Theexistence of the United States as the world super power cannot bedirectly linked to the general international relations as explainedby Femia in the journal. However, the arguments of Femia about theapplication of Machiavellian principles give the basis through whichthe super power position of the United States can be viewed throughthe eyes of Machiavelli. Through this perspective, this article willbe useful in the development of the concepts that relate tointernational relations. It is worth noting that the application ofMachiavellian principles gives a guide of interpreting the positionof America as the superpower in relation to other nations. This iswhat makes the article valuable to the research that I will makeabout the topic.


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