Asia Pacific Region

AsiaPacific Region


AsiaPacific Region

The is composed of about 49 countries. Three of thesecountries are Japan, China and the United States of America. Japanin three words can be said to be organized, historical, andbeautiful. China also can be described as, industrious, big andpopulated. In addition, the USA can be characterized to be,outspoken, diverse and pragmatic (Schloenhardt, 2010).

Onevery great natural issue affects Japan, which is it prone toearthquakes. This is a big issue as it leads to many destructions andsometimes-even loss of lives (Sakai, 2014). However, the Japanesepeople have come up with many ways of trying to mitigate the effectsof the earthquakes. Some of the ways include early warning systemsto warn them of an earthquake. In addition, they have developedbuildings that can be able to withstand the earthquakes. In this, thecountry has developed very well even though it is located in anenvironmentally disadvantaged place. The information above is fromthe Japan Meteorological website ( andEarthquake track website (

Thetallest building in Asia is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It isestimated to be 2,722 feet in height. This is also the tallestbuilding however, it is not located in downtown Manhattan, NY butDubai, the United Emirates (Sakai, 2014). The building is also thetallest according to the CTBUH Criteria for Defining and MeasuringTall Buildings.

Inconclusion, the Burj Khalifa building is three times taller than theEiffel Tower and almost two times tall as the Empire State Building.The weight of concrete used to build the building is almost equal toa hundred thousand elephants the building is not very safe from thenatural disasters as it is prone to experiencing earthquakes.However, the Emirates ensure that safety drills are practiced, andeveryone knows what to do in case of an earthquake (Schloenhardt,2010).


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