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Myname is (insertyour name)and was born in (yearof birth).I am of Chinese origin, but moved to the United States as a teenager.I am a student at Miami University pursuing Fine arts. I was born inShenzhen, a city in Guangdong Province China. Shenzhen is a largecity with a merge of both urban and rural life, and with a populationof more than twelve million inhabitants. It is one of the specialeconomic zones in China and a major contributor to gross domesticproduct due to its prosperous manufacturing industry. In addition,Shenzhen has incorporated migrants who have contributed to foreigncapital. The combination of rich culture and scenic views makes thecity a tourist hub. In my early childhood, Shenzhen gave me a strongidentity which helped me cope with culture shock when I moved to theUnited States of America.

Adeep passion for aesthetics brought me to Miami University to pursuefine arts. This is a rich discipline which traditionally entailedvisual perception of paintings, sculpture and architecture, and alsomusic. In modern day, however fine arts have incorporatedphotography, film and print media. Growing up I developed a hobby incrafting handmade pieces. A rich background of consistent Chinese artalso gave me a point of reference for creating. As I went throughhigh school, I also discovered that art was a universal languagewhich brought down barriers on the basis of culture, race, gender orreligion. A combination of all these factors, together with thesupport of family and teachers led me into the path of seeking finearts as a career.

Lifeis a function of our dreams and aspirations. The achievement of thesepredetermined goals depends on our enthusiasm on working towardsthem. It is important to recognize the presence of barriers in ourjourney to success. These barriers should, however, give usalternative strategies to achieve our dreams and should not kill ourpassion. Professionally, I aspire to combine fine arts with advancingtechnology so as to merge the traditional and the modern world. Thisis because the native form of fine art is slowly losing significancein today’s modern generation. In addition, I also aspire to developthe fine arts curriculum to incorporate different cultures all overthe world. As an individual, I dream of developing healthy socialassociations and also raising a strong family. I aspire to push myabilities to the limit, so as to achieve my maximum potential. Iendeavor to be a whole individual successful in all aspects of mylife.

Selfdefinition gives us a strong background in a world where mostindividuals are defined by external factors. Definition of oneself isimportant in giving one identity and also shielding one from negativeopinions that give us second thoughts on our abilities. Subsequently,I believe I am a strong, focused and passion-driven individual,capable of achieving anything I set mind to. I am also a fast learnerwho can adapt easily to different environments. I am also of patientcharacter and a cooperative team mate. I have a positive view on lifeand I strongly believe that challenges make us stronger in our questfor success. I have my weaknesses, but focusing on strengths willenable me to conquer my fears and achieve greatness.