Bank Risk Types and Trends

BankRisk Types and Trends

BankRisk Types and Trends

Toronto-Dominionbank is one of the top ten leading financial institutions in theUnited States. This bank is as well America’s main opportunefinancial institution since it is most preferred by many Americans.This bank provides its clientele with the various financial goods aswell as services. Toronto-Dominion bank, like any other financialinstitution has quite a number of risks associated with it. Theserisks can be in form of strategic, operational, finance and evencompliance risks.

Toronto-DominionBank is pursuing some efficiency enhancing practices and not others.Some of the efficiency enhancing practices that Toronto-Dominion Bankis pursuing are supply chain management as well as self-managingteams.The just-in-time enhancing practice is changed to just-in-casepractice. Toronto-Dominion Bank is pursuing just-in-case inventorymanagement since 9/11 so as to accumulate inventory on the two sidesof the border just in case border calamities emerges [ CITATION NAF14 l 1033 ].In2011, Toronto-Dominion bank used nearly 5 billion dollars onproducts, as well as services from its sellers in North America. Thebank uses a policy which evaluates the performance of suppliers basedon environment and the goods that the bank buys from these suppliers[ CITATION NAF14 l 1033 ].Supplierassortment and insertion are a fundamental part of the manner inwhich Toronto-Dominion bank manages its business. Supplier assortmentplan was basically inaugurated so as the bank can cogitate on itscommitment.This is all under supply chain practices.Toronto-DominionBank uses responsible procurement for efficiency enhancing practiceas well.

Thebank has put a lot of stress on unswerving quality. For this case,the management has hugely implemented the use of technology,excellent customer service as well as the Bank’s Credit Cards. Moreso, Toronto-Dominion bank has not forgotten about stiff completionthat they might face from their rivals.


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