Birth of Venus


Birthof Venus

Birthof Venus by Sadro Batticelli

SadroBatticelli is one of the greatest artists in the renaissance period.Two of the most important painting by Sadro Batticelli is the Birthof Venusand the Primavera.The Birthof Venus wasdone for the Medici family and has over the years remained one of themost celebrated and published masterpiece. The masterpiece representsthe mythical story of the goddess Venusin the form of an adult woman emerging from the sea. One of the mostimportant aspects of the painting is the medium in which it waspainted. Birthof Venuswas painted on canvas, although the most popular painting surface waswood. This is one of the revolutionary ideas introduced by Italianrenaissance art. The canvas surface became more preferable,especially among Venice painters due to the human climate. The Birthof Venuspainting captures the traditional account of how Venuswas born. In the painting, Venusis positioned at the center riding something that looks like foam.She is guided other figures in the painting as she is blown by thewind. The painting captures the basic features that characterized awoman in the 15thcentury. For example, the long hair in the painting is a reflectionof one of the most common hairstyles by Italian women during theperiod. The face was also beautiful and free of blemish creating anideal woman face. Nudity is also an important feature of Birthof Venus.It is important to note that in the renaissance period, althoughthere were some painting of nudity, which was dictated bycircumstances, they were not very common (Dunant, 2009).


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