Bitrix24, I.T Project Management

Bitrix24,I.T Project Management


Bitrix24,I.T Project Management


The I.T Project that I have chosen is Bitrix24 that is a project forBitrix Company. In case someone has been thinking of using anintranet site for their small business, and they are worried aboutthe cost of building and maintenance of such programs, they need totake a look at Bitrix 24. One thing that will impress anyone aboutBitrix24 is how quickly an individual may move from nothing to abetter status, A status, where they may find their way around theuser interface, setting up groups and posting files while usingBitrix24. It may just take an average individual a matter of seconds.

BusinessNeedBitrix 24 project is of importance to the small businesspersons(Maneliuk, 2014). Bitrix24 has a program that combines intranetsystem with CRM tools that include contact tracking, funnelmanagement, sales, messaging, activity planning and calendars. Theprograms associated with Bitrix24 will enable a small businesspersonto manage quickly essential pieces of information from within themain program. The best advantage of Bitrix24 is that it is alwaysfree with for teams with fewer than twelve people and subscriptionfor larger groups are modestly charged as well.

Manybusinesses and organizations are now beginning to understand theimportance of social networks with their consumers (Hanna, Rohm &ampCrittenden, 2011, p. 265-273). Bitrix24 is the best project to leadany businessperson to a secure and reliable way to relate with theirconsumers online. The bitrix24 network will allow people share ideasand information by communicating through a channel that will beworking for their purpose, whether it will entail an instant chatsession. The project will also give room for an asynchronouscommenting thread and usage of a series of the thread. Bitrix24 is abusiness-focused solution.

ProjectCharacteristicson people, Bitrix24 is an initiative of Bitrix Company, that is aprivately owned company that was founded in 1998. Britix is aproperty managed by its founders including Dmitry, Valyanov, SergeyRiizhikov, and Vadim Dumbravanu (Favorskaya &amp Damov, 2015, p.85-102). The Bitrix24 services are the final evolutionary stage ofBitrix Intranet and Extranet solutions. Betrix24 was launched ass abeta cloud-based service in April 2012. Bitrix Company takes thepride in serving customers that range from Fortune 500 companies tosmall organizations. As for the future of the services offered byBitrix24, one may argue that they are planning to add invoicing tothe CRM capacity, mobile CRM and document editing functions as someof the central parts of their next release. The company currentlymaintains offices in Kiev, St. Petersburg, and Almaty, and theyalready have a presence in several former Soviet republics.

Risksone of the risks Bitrix24 project experiences was at the time oflaunching and making the program familiar to people in the market.Another risk was the problem that came in with the pricing of theservices of Bitrix24 programs. The software evaluates its servicesdepending on demand in the market. Therefore, it was a challenge inmeeting the market`s standards and give feasible services to theircustomers at the same time. It was also challenging with thelicensing agencies as the Betrix24 is expected to run itself withoutany permits and licenses. Therefore, the company has experienced abit of obstacle related to the regulations and authorities.

AnalysisBitrix24 Project has been successful in the market and has beenranked as one of the most successful IT projects in Russia. As fromthe time that the services of Bitrix24 was launched, small businessowners have been given a simple way to managing their businesses. Thesimplicity that Bitrix24 provides has helped in expanding theservices to more customers worldwide. In addition to the flexibilityfor business owners, Betrix24 have enabled consumers to maintain aclose contact with their retailers and communicate their satisfactionand dissatisfaction in a straightforward manner.

Thefirst thing that Bitrix24 does when their customer logs onto to theirwebsite are to provide a lot of information about their services andhow they operate. Their main page for workspace is ever packed, asthere are three columns of links to Bitrix24 workspaces, workgroupsand clients apps. A subscriber can extend Bitrix24 into a fullcorporate intranet through the use of its employee directories. WithBitrix24, it is also a possibility to use a private social networkfor purposes of collaboration within small businesses. Bitrix24provides a way for the teams in the small businesses to connect andcollaborate in a quick and easy manner.

Peoplemay ask themselves on what many people use the social intranet forwhile the vast majority of the consumers of about 73% of the users ofBitrix24 services are using the services for benefits. Bitrix24services have an activity stream and instant messaging capacities andan excellent document sharing, storage, and collaborations. Anapproximated 87% of the subscribers believe that platform of Bitrix24will increase their employee productivity. It is all about thesimplicity and flexibility of the process of subscribing to theBitrix24 program that has made it a success.

Inmy opinion, the Bitrix24 program is at the heart of social intranetfor smaller companies that seek to provide tools for business teamsthat will enable a quick discussion with members of their groups.


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