Book Review


Thebook is well written and very descriptive. Although short, itdescribes people, scenarios, spaces, and items in great in-depth. Thefirst description the author gives is that of the mortuary. Theauthor is very detailed about its outward appearance and theexpectations of the persona. The persona’s feelings and expectationare also described very well so that the reader can get a mentalpicture of what the persona is thinking. For instance, the persona’sexpectations of a mortuary and their surprise towards the clock arewell brought out (Twain, p. 1).

Theauthor also describes the Mortuary’s director vividly and describesthe process of preparation of a body clearly. The director’sfeelings, mood towards his job, his office, and voice are detailed tocreate a mental picture. The details about the tasks that themortuary does for its clients are also well-presented (Twain, p. 2).The rooms are described to make the reader understand how each one islit and how it appears. The difference between the various rooms alsomatches what they are used for (Twain, p.3). Caskets have differentprices and are made of different materials, something that the authorbrings out well. The author also goes ahead to remind the reader ofhow status is reintroduced even at the time of death even after deathirons out social levels (Twain, p. 4).

Theuse of a photograph of a casket of the same caliber as the oneMichael Jackson was buried in does a great work at qualifying theaforementioned point. (Twain, p. 4). Lastly, the author does a greatjob at trying to convince the reader about how a mortuary and all thework that goes on there are not that scary. By introducing Tim, theauthor brings back the reader from the scary world they had takenthem, but again reintroduces skepticism in most people about the jobof a mortician through the persona’s closing remarks (Twain, p. 5).