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From:team leader

28THAugust 2015


Thisis my prompt notice to all team leaders in our project concerning thenew market we are scheduled to open in Canada and to get your help onsolving the problem of delayed items. As you are al aware, at thebeginning of this year we laid out plans to expand our market andprofits beyond our national borders in line with our objective to getglobal market share. As such, the top priority is trumping everythingelse that hinders the realization of this dream through collectiveeffort of team members. It is imperative that we guard the reputationof our firm zealously and especially pursuing this opportunity to theend.

Asyou are all aware, we shipped a few items in line with opening thenew market in Canada The items have already arrived but delivery istaking long due to clearing and custom procedures. This is becoming agreat concern to our representatives since delay in the delivery ofthe items will significantly diminish our chances of getting theopportunity to open new market in Canada. This problem must beresolved as soon as possible since if we do not resolve it thecompany will be placed in difficult position. It is likely that moredelay will lead to challenges in successfully opening the new market,convey a bad reputation among our representative as well as limitingour future opportunities.

Basedon these concerns, I hereby, wish to request you to come up withideas how we can resolve this problem as soon as possible during thenext meeting. It is important that we have a common approach toaddress this problem during the next meeting and implement thedecision immediately.

Cohesivegroups have various benefits that enhance the overall work completioneasy. Work teams become cohesive as team members learn from eachother and support others while addressing challenges. Cohesive groupsenhance more communication among group members and this in turn leadsto improved productivity. Furthermore, cohesive groups allows foreasy conflict resolution among members.

Inthis group, conflict resolution starts with the team the leader whohelps the junior staffs to work in harmony with others. In order toaddress conflicts, enhancing mutual communication and relationshipbetween various members is one technique that helps in managingconflicts. The team leader responds quickly to situations that maylead to escalation of conflicts. In this case, the team leader aidsin managing emotions, listens to all staffs and invites all staffs insharing ideas to manage conflicts.


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