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–Business Strategy –

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Micro-businessesare defined to be the type of businesses that can supportapproximately 0 to 9 employees. In accordance to the data by UK in2014, approximately five million microbusiness were set up and thiscould be translated to represent averagely 96% of all the businessesthat were set up. In addition, the sector also employed more thaneight million individuals. According to the performance reviewcarried out by European Commission in 2013, UK had very competitiveenvironment that easily allowed for the growth of both the smallscale and medium scale sized enterprises. This was a betterenvironment in comparison to the other member states within theEuropean Union.

Inthe last month of 2013, December, the UK government set up a programas well as a scheme that would be inferred to as Small Business:GREAT ambition. This program had numerous measures in place that hadthe interest of seeing the various micro-businesses to easily expandand grow(dela Rosa &amp Yu, 2006). In light of the opportunity that has beenpresented by the government through its policy of allowing businessexpansion, I will set up a business that shall employ four new officestaff and four new sales staff. The business is called FastNet. Thispaper covers the strategy to cost that shall be implemented. Further,the means and ways in which money will be borrowed and the best waysto equip the business shall be set up. Through the various strategiesin place, the business will be equipped with cost effective computinghardware as well as software.

HardwareFindings and Analysis

Thissection entails the description of the various hardware equipmentthat will be used in the business set up. Parts of the hardware thatwill be used include four desktops that shall cost a total of$2799.6. In this case, the business set up shall consider using theDell Inspiron 5000 Series X2105011N8, 23” (inches) desktop personalcomputer(Abdullah,2015). These computers have some of the best features that make itflawless. Indeed, this computer has one of the best features that acomputer user would prefer. The new Dell computer PC models are verysuperb. The hardware component of this machine comes with a number ofadvantages and they include ease of setting up, ease of use andreliable performance(Zalar,2007).

Designand Display

ThisPC has some of the excellent design features with slim black externalpanels that make it unique and stand out among others. For thiscomputer, the keyboard and mice that will be used will be black huefeatures that will make them complementary to the PC and thus makingit outstanding. The computer has a high definition display with aresolution standing at 1920X1080 pixels.

Thecomputer operates on a processor of Intel Core i5 3330S with a speedof 2.5 GHz. With such features, the PC is able to perform at its bestwith no many hitches. Through this processor, the various computerprocesses are executed at the click of mouse and this is phenomenalof the ease and reliability with which this machine operates. Thecomputer operates on a RAM of 8 GB with a speed of 1600 MHz on a DDR3SDRAM. With such a high speed and good computer memory, the PC isable to function speedily with no glitches.

Thecomputer has with it superb and excellent audio and connectivityfeatures. The computer [produces high quality sounds owing to thebetter and excellent performing internal speakers that producedefining sounds. Additionally, the computers has various connectivityoptions and provide slots for USB port, memory slot, HDMI cablesslots and audio jacks.

However,in comparison to the other Windows PCs that are within its pricerange, little sets apart this Dell computer. Though this type of PCis a better deal in comparison to models like Vizio CA24T-A4 giventhat Dell Inspiron has more system memory and full speed at 7,200-rpmhard drive in comparison to the slow drive of Vizio which is at5,400. The other specifications are at par and they cannot be termedas unique compared to the other computers or series.

DellInspiron 5000 Series X210501IN8 23 inches Desktop PC Specs


Intel Core i5-3330S

Processor Speed

2.50 GHz


3 MB


8 GB

RAM type


RAM speed

1600 MHz

Storage type


Operating System

Windows 8.1


Keyboard, Mouse



Display type

Full HD



HDD Reading Speed

7200 RPM



Screen sizes (Inches)


HDD Capacity

1 TB

Graphics Solution

AMD Radeon R7 A265 2GB DDR3

Model Type





Home, Office

Screen Type





Full HD Desktops


Theprinter that will be used in this business is the Dell MultifunctionPrinter E514dw(DellPrinter, 2015). This printer provides some sort of effortlessefficiency as it has the 3-in-1 versatility. Through this mode of3-in-1, there is a boost of office operations given the wirelessmultifunction capability of the printer. Given that this office isjust starting up, the printer goes in hand to effectively providedaily solutions to printing tasks that are available in the officeenvironment. The 3-in-1 feature means that the printer can easilyprint, scan and copy using the various essential features like theautomatic document feeder (ADF) as well as built in duplexer thatcome with the machine (Dell Printer, 2015). This printer is theultimate solution to the printing needs of an individual owing to thesimplicity of the printing tasks that it provides as well as ease ofmaintenance that can be done through the Dell Printer Hub. The DellPrinter Hub will go a great deal in assisting in the operations ofthe printer especially owing to the fact that the business is a smallscale or start-up type of business. The Hub makes the operations ofthe printer very efficient given that the entity can easilydeclutter the desktop using a single intuitive interface that willsee through all the printing needs. Owing to this one-stop kind ofhub, there is provision of complete solution that ensures integrationof printer essentials as well as cloud connectivity that makes iteasy to manage documents and control the printer. The simplicity ofthe printer is enabled through 1 click that enables the update of thefirmware and software. Moreover, there is 1-click that enables theexecution of customized scan shortcuts. Further, there is 1-clickaccess to the hub to provide solution. To add on, the printerprovides for character recognition that enables conversion of scansto the various files that can be edited and easily searched. Giventhat this business is a start-up, this printer will add value as itpresents additional savings that are dependable and areenvironmentally conscious multifunction printer. This will go in along way to provide additional savings as it is capable of printingup to 2,600 pages. This is the best printer to offer for the optimalprint results! The price for each of the printers is $ 212.99 andwill be bought from the Dell shops.

SoftwareFindings and Analysis

GeneralPurpose Software

Giventhat there is a lot of data storage, databases will be an integralpart of the general purpose software that shall be employed. Theparticular database software under consideration will be MicrosoftAccess 2010, which is developed by Microsoft(Neveuet al., 2010). This will go in hand to assist in the variousfunctions and operations that entail handling of files within thebusiness premises. Through this software, the existing files will beproperly created, saved and accessed in built-in-manner(Coronel,Morris &amp Rob, 2009).



The total size for an Access 2010 database (.accdb), this include all database data and objects

2 gigabytes, this is without the space that is essential for the system objects.

The total number of objects in database


Number of modules


Number of Character in an object name


Number of characters in password


Number of characters in User name


Number of concurrent users


Thebusiness entity will purchase Microsoft Access from Amazon and thepurchase price is $374.99.


Oneof the security software applications that we shall use in thebusiness is the McAfee 2015 Total Protection 3PC 1YR. This is one ofthe best anti-virus protections that are able to identify, quarantineand stop any latest threat that is a potential harm to the computer(Wuet al., 2015). It is developed by Intel developers and comes with itinternet security that has web safety tools and parental controltools that keeps the entire user safe when using their PC. Additionally, it has the Anti-Spam feature that ensures that no junkmails clutter the inbox as witnessed in most office setups(Min&amp Varadharajan, 2015). Thus, through this security software, thedigital world of the firm will be kept totally safe. The cost of thesoftware is $79.99(McAfee Total Protection, 2015).


Windows Vista SP1 (32- and 64-bit)

Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit)

Windows 8 (32- and 64-bit)

Windows 8.1 (32- and 64-bit)




3 PCs




1 GB for Vista and Windows 7, 2GB RAM for Windows 8 and above


1 GHz


1024×768 or higher


Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, Firefox 4.0 or later, Google Chrome


Theabove business strategy document has covered in detail the variousrequirements that are pertinent to the setup and operations of thebusiness. The strategy entails the hardware specifications of thecomputers as well as that of printers. Additionally, the softwarespecifications for the computers are also covered. In the generalpurpose, software, Microsoft Access has been fronted as one of theimportant software given that a lot of filing is done at the businesspremises. There is need to create, store and search for data as wellas files and this explains the essence and significance of thesoftware. The security software applications that we shall use in thebusiness is the McAfee 2015 Total Protection 3PC 1YR. The paper alsopresents the various appendixes that include PowerPoint and excelfiles to illustrate the business needs.



Appendix1: Hardware

Appendix2: Software

Appendix3: Loans


Appendix4: Introduction

Appendix5: Summary of Hardware and Software Costs

Appendix6: Summary of two different loans

Appendix7: Loan Repayment Profile

Appendix8: Conclusion


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