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Aerospaceis my childhood dream career that I have been yearning to do, andROTC is the company that will help me to achieve this dream. I havebeen doing a lot of research on this company as a sandy pilot, and Ican say that ROTC is the best company that will enable me achieve mygoal in the field of Air Force (Mohrmann, 2013).I intend to jointhe Air Force as a pilot and while there I am hoping to get effectiveexperience that will enable me to work on machines. One of the greatthings that I am looking forward to if I get in Air Force as a pilotis to become the most skilled pilot in the world since this is alifetime opportunity that I have been looking for. Each day at ROTC,I learn something new that motivates me, to achieve more. The firsttime I saw a plane when I was young was very big and scary, but I hadto face the situation when I first enrolled in the Aviation College. During my childhood, I was curious to understand more about theoperation of the plane. I wanted to understand how the pilots feelflying the plane very high in the sky and this is what inspired memore to work hard and join the Aviation College. To achieve my dreamsas a sandy pilot, I read many magazines that helped me understanddifferent places that I was to get to when I become a pilot.

Ineed to work hard when I join the Air Force as a pilot because I havebeen always wanted to assist serve people through the field ofAviation. As a pilot, I need to work on machines and fix them myself.Passengers travel every day by plane and plane crashes occur morethan once a year. I think with the experience that I have obtained atROTC, I will be able to stop the plane crashes and ensure that mypassengers reach their destinations safely. I am always a kind of aperson that works hard to come up with innovative ideas, and Ibelieve these ideas will help develop the field of innovationthroughout the world. I have traveled severally on planes, and I haverealized the way pilots work hard and this has increased my curiosityto know how they work and therefore, I want to be the best pilot inthe world (Mohrmann, 2013). All I need to do to achieve this is thecompany that has more facilities like ROTC, which has many facilitiesthat are required to become the best pilot in the world.

AfterI complete working in Air Force as a pilot, I would like to work withreputable companies in the world. I would like to work for a majorcommercial Airline such as United, Delta. Working as a pilot requiresa lot of devotion to work, and a good number of people normally leavethe profession when the pressure piles up but in my case the pressureis too little. The hours that I have devoted in this field while atschool makes it easier for me to tolerate the pressure. During thenext five years to come, I think I will have achieved much as apilot, and I will have contributed a lot too (Mohrmann, 2013).


Mohrmann,F. (2013). A career in aviation safety revealing a multidisciplinaryfield of engineering at the cutting edge of aviation. LeonardoTimes, 17 (2) 2013.