Case analysis


  1. Aegis Electronic Group, Inc.


The primary problem that the organization suffers from is thefailure by the various teams to work together towards the realizationof the company’s dreams. It is clear from the case that the salesteam and the operations team are working against each despite workingfor the same organization. The sales manager and the operationsmanager are also not working in good spirit. Another problem facingthe organization is the employees who are leaving for greenerpastures such as Bill who was meant to be the sales manager. It isalso evident that there is a communication breakdown between thevarious departments and they do not really understand the functionsof each department. The organization also suffers from an ineffectivetraining strategy. It is clear that there is no proper trainingstrategy for the company and there is no clear identification of whois supposed to train.

Why the problem happened

One of the causes of the problem at the organization is thelack of communication between the teams. The operations team and thesales team lack proper communication hence raising tension. There isalso lack of organization communication. The CEO of the organizationdoes not communicate clearly with the sales manager hence leavingroom for speculation. She does not give direct and clear informationon how the managers are supposed to operate. There is also the aspectof team dynamics where there lacks trust between the sales and theoperations teams. This creates tension which significantly affectsthe organization’s performance.

The CEO of the organization fails to use her power to influence thedecision of the other managers. She seems to be afraid of the salesand operations managers and only tells them to go and address theissues on their own. This lack of power by the CEO has led to thepoor performance of the sales and the operations departments. Thereis also the aspect of conflicting management and or leadership stylesthat are affecting the operations of the organization. The CEO seemsto avoid issues while Bill, the sales manager is a hands on manager.Additionally, Lyn the CEO insists that Bill should spend more timewith the sales workers while Bill wants to remain in the officestudying the trend of the sales. These conflicts have led to thedeparture of the sales manager. Lastly, there is lack of leadershipfrom the CEO, Lyn. She fails to motivate and direct the organizationtowards the realization of its goals.

Options for the organization

It is prudent for the organization to enhance the communicationstrategies between the various teams. The CEO must take up the roleof the leader of the organization and use her power to influence andmotivate the workers and other managers. It is essential for thevarious managers to communicate with the CEO on the strategies thatthey are putting in place and the results expected. It is alsoessential for the CEO of the organization to avoid beingauthoritative but try and be democratic with the employees.Commanding employees creates tension between the leader and theemployees who fail to share their problem with the leader. Lastly,the managers must know that they are working for the sameorganization and therefore work towards the realization of theorganization’s goals.


The primary problem of this organization is lack of communication.Various managers, as well as the CEO do not communicate effectivelyhence creating tension. It is essential for the managers to enhancetheir communication and address the various issues affecting theorganization. There needs to be more meetings and team buildingactivities that will enhance team interaction and reduction oftension.

  1. Big Screen’s Big Failure


The problem as presented in the case study is the failure bythe various people working together to cooperate and agree on variousterms. It is clear that the there is a breakdown of communication andan agreement on the final product. Whereas Big Screen studios isinsisting on having the shooting of the film done at the lowest costpossible, Mark, who was the director of the film did not care aboutthe cost of the film. It is also evident that the studio and thedirector never agreed on the location to shoot the film. They finallysettled on the South American deserts which Mark wanted. Thisinflated the cost and the time of producing the movie. In summary,the shooting of movie and its poor final cut by the director resultedin one of the biggest losses in history for Big Screen studios. Thefilm receive enormous negative reviews from the audience and itsrating was extremely low.

Why the problem happened.

The problem in the film loss happened due to various reasons ortheories. One of the major cause of the problem in the film is thelack of effective communication between the Big Screen studio teamand the director of the film. It is clear that the two teams were notcommunicating effectively and this led to the loss that wasexperienced. The issue of using power to influence others alsofeatured in this case. It is evident that Mark was powerful due tohis position as the director of the film. He used this power toinfluence the other team he was working with. He made regarding howthe film was to be shot and edited. He released low quality film as aform of revenge to the reduction in the length of the film. Anothercause of the problem in the case is the conflict. There is a conflictof interest between the team from Big Screen studios and the directorof the film. This is in terms of the budget, location and use of aship miles away. These conflicts and the failure to resolves them ledto an immense loss. Lastly, there is also lack of effectiveleadership from Knox. He simply agrees to the demands of the directorwithout due and diligent consideration of the consequences. It isclear that the leader was ineffective in his activities and relied onthe director of the studio to solve issues within his power.

Options that exist

The new director at the studio, Brosnan has a huge task ahead todeal with the financial status and the reputation of the studio. Itis clear that the first step would be to engage in an intensivepublic relations campaign. This should be aimed at correcting the badimage that he studio already has. Additionally, it is essential forthe new director to inform the public and all stakeholders that thestudio is now under new leadership. This would restore the confidencein other directors. To make sure such a mistake is not repeated bythe studio, it is essential to have prior written agreementsregarding the location of shooting, the resources involved and thefinal decision makers.


It is abundantly clear that there was poor leadership from Knox andthere was communication breakdown between the involved parties inproducing the film. There was conflict that led to disagreements andthe ultimate loss made by the company. It is essential in future toensure that there is effective and proper communication between thevarious stakeholders.

  1. Going to the X-streme


The problem identified here is the failure by the various managersto work together towards the growth and the realization of thecompany’s goals. It is clear that the company has grownsignificantly and the director is wishing for a time when he knewevery employee and could easily manage the company. There are variousdisagreements regarding financing various departments, the releasedate of a new computer model and even the need to diversify. Changein the organization is a big setback and the various managers areopposed while other embracing the change. There is also the problemwith some managers such as Don who believe that subordinate staffshould be reprimanded and they cannot indeed tell the senior managerswhat to do.

Cause of the problem.

Change in the company is one of the primary causes of the problem inthe organization. It is clear that the company has expanded andtherefore has changed. The increased number of managers cannot agreeon the various proposals that the company has. The CEO of the companyhas clearly acknowledged that he wishes for a time when the companywas small and manageable. This is an indication of poor leadership.The CEO fails to reprimand the managers and direct them on thedirections that the company must take. It is essential for everyleader to make critical decisions when necessary and to make surethat such decisions are followed by the entire team. Team dynamicsand team conflicts is yet another feature that has been seen in thiscase as cause of the problem. It is evident that each manager has ateam that rallies behind him and works against a team from anothermanager. This is demonstrated by the push and pull between Don andJason’s teams. Lastly, the organizational culture in the companyseems to encourage conflicts and teams rallying behind their manager.This is a dangerous aspect that has made the company get at the pointit is.

Options that exist

The company must ensure that there is a final decision making unitwhere all the departments must report. This will ensure that the teamconflicts are reduced and or eliminated. The director must ensurethat all the departments work together as one team towards the goalsand vision of the company. It is also essential to have trainings tothe various managers regarding the organizational culture such as onethat upholds democracy and values opinions. It is essential to havework clearly cut out for every department. It is confusing where allthe departments seem to participate in every aspect of the company.


The expansion of the company and the increased number employees isproving to be a challenge to the director. It is essential for thedirector to acknowledge that his company has grown and that itrequires a new leadership and management style. The key problem isthe conflict between the various managers and the teams behind themanagers. It is essential to have the various employees work togethertowards the company’s goals.