Causes of Terrorism in the World

Causesof Terrorism in the World

Terrorismis one of the greatest threats to global unity and limitations of thespirit of globalization. It is a unique form of violence that has adifferent aspect of conflict between countries and between people inthe world. It is a kind of violent agenda that seeks to propagatefear by impacting on victims, both the primary targets and thesecondary targets, including innocent civilians. Due to theseriousness of this kind of conflict and violent engagements, it isworth to understand the topic in detail. Therefore, this discussionwill analyze terrorism by exploring the causes of terrorism in theworld. This is the reason why the following three articles wereselected.


Iselected these sources as the most relevant and applicable to thetopic and for further learning about terrorism. One of the strategiesused was to adopt a variety of sources of information aboutterrorism. To achieve this strategy of getting a variety of sources,I searched in the library and on the internet to get a source from abook, an article and a website. This was done in order to get themost relevant information about terrorism. Another search strategyfor searching the sources used to explore the topic of terrorism wasbased on the credibility of the content and the relationship to thecauses of terrorism. The more credible the source was the morereliable it is in the application of the research.


Thesources for the research on the causes of terrorism are three, fromthree different types of sources. These sources are a website, anarticle and a book. I selected a website because it offered credibleand practical information from a security institution that isinstrumental in fighting terrorism. Therefore, I selected the websiteof the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a key institution inAmerica that fights terrorism in the world. The other source was anarticle from an academic institution, the Academia. This article isof high quality because it is well researched by an educationalinstitution and published for a credible academic use. The finalsource is a book written by experts in the international conflictsand terrorism field. The book provides a high quality source as it ispublished by a credible publisher.


Thethree sources of information on the causes of terrorism in the worldare evaluated below

1,Terrorism and its Major Causes by Kingsley Uzoma,

Thesource is an article written by Kingsley Uzoma and published by theAcademia education resources. The source was published in 2015, whichmakes it a recent content that can be explored in research on thecauses of terrorism in the world. At the same time, the Kingsleyprovides examples of terrorist events that took place at differenttimes, in order to put his arguments into perspective. In thearticle, Kingsley uses secondary research to gather information andgive citations of various terror attacks in order to present hisliterature on the causes of terrorism. At the same time, Kingsleypresents strong definitions of terrorism, description of the problemit causes and discusses in detail the causes of terrorism in theworld.

2,Dale Watson, FBI

Thesource comes from an official presentation by Dale Watson a seniorinvestigator in the FBI to the Senate Select Committee onIntelligence, which sat in Washington, the United States. Thepresentation is a testimony describing the issue of terrorism and howit affects the United States. Just written a year after the September9/11 attacks on the United States, the presentation and testimony ofDale Watson are timely on the issue of terrorism. While it is notrecent, it is timely to the 9/11 terrorist attack because the attackwas one of the violent attack on America. The source quoted uses thepresentation method of writing about real facts and realinvestigation details about terrorism in the world. Watson (2002)presents important information about origin of terrorism and thecauses of the violent attracts in the United States and the world.Therefore, the source is credible, relevant and objective about theissue of terrorism.

3,by Louise Richardson

Thesource is a book, written by Louise Richardson and published by theRoutledge. The source is recent, and gives a discussion and argumentsthat are recent because it was published in 2013. As a result, thebook provides content that is coherent with the recent terroristattacks. Because of this, the book is credible and relevant to thecauses of terrorism and the root origin of the violent attacks. Thebook uses both secondary and primary research methods to getinformation that is credible to the topic. The book thereforeprovides evidence that is real about the causes of terrorism byciting real events that happened in the past and in recent times. Asa result of citing these events, the arguments by Louise Richardsonabout the root causes of terrorism reflect the information need thatthis research requires.


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