Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Centerfor Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Overthe years, different stakeholders in the health care have been in theprocess of instituting mechanisms to ensure quality delivery ofservices to patients. The measures occur in the form of milestonesrecorded in the history if health care in the United States. One suchmilestone is the establishment of the Center for Medicare andMedicaid Innovation. The government established the milestone underthe affordable care act 2010. It falls under the Center for Medicareand Medicaid Services. The aim of the innovation is to test thepayment and delivery of services and improve the quality of servicesoffered by Medicare, Medicaid and the children’s insurance program(Shrank, 2013).

Sinceits inception, the program has made various impacts on health care.The innovation has given rise to various models for efficient andquality services through reforms in the already instituted healthprograms. The intention is to ensure the delivery of services whosequality is consistent with the cost that’s the patients incur whenthey subscribe to the various health insurance programs (Shrank,2013). It has come up with new approaches to coordinate the caregiven to patients enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. It has alsoworked successfully towards patients’ safety in hospitals.

Healthcare quality is currently a national priority. The aim of providingservice for the best interest of the patients requires theparticipation of the national government. The Center for Medicare andMedicaid innovation is proof that the government is prioritizing thequality of health care services (Shrank, 2013).After the idealizationof the act, the government allocated 10 billion dollars towards theintention of the milestone of developing models aimed at ensuringquality services in the different health insurance covers.


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