Change Management Strategies


ChangeManagement Strategies

Thebusiness environment in the contemporary society experiences varieddynamics ranging from technology, socio-politics, and globalization,among others. As such, organizations are required to adopt strategicapproaches to realize their objectives. Change strategies throughstrategic thinking are appropriate to ensure that the organizationreaps from the benefits provided by the changing dynamics as well asmanage the prevailing threats and challenges. One such strategy isthe empirical-rational approach where the business operators seek tobalance between the risks and opportunities offered by the internaland external facets. Another strategy is the normative-reeducativeapproach that seeks to modify the culture and values within anorganization to conform to the changing dynamics. Theenvironmental-adaptive strategy is founded on the basis of changingthe organization in a gradual process. In change management, it isimperative for the executives to understand the organizational goals,values, resources available, external, and internal influences(Yaeger &amp Sorensen, 2009).

Whilethere is no one single strategy to suggest for all organization, theenvironmental-adaptive approach is appropriate is can be done onshort-term or long-term basis. It is also done gradually to mitigatethe negative effects that may arise in the course of changemanagement. It is imperative to note that the changing dynamicsrequire a detailed through proper intelligence by the businessoperators. As such, any change management strategy should not beforced in an organization it will impact on the overall performance.Another point to note is that some of the dynamics such as technologyand socio-politics are beyond the control of organizations.Therefore, strategic thinking comes in handy to develop the beststrategy that will result in optimal productivity, growth, andprofitability(Yaeger &amp Sorensen, 2009).


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