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CharacterAnalysis Essay

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Sometimesit is hard to make the right judgment about a criminal if you goafter their lives’ record and notice what they went through intheir pasts (Sandau, 2014). A person who has committed a crime mighthave gone through too much trauma and hostility from the people whomhe/ she may be causing trouble to later. In the book “In ColdBlood” Truman Capote describes Perry Smith as a man who has gonethrough too much trouble in his life. Despite all the effort thatPerry puts in order to have better life, his plans always failed.Perry Smith is a person whom should be sympathized with, he had beenfailing in every aspect no matter how hard he tried.


Achild’s future is mostly determined by the way he or she is broughtup by parents. Perry’s parents were so poor that they couldn’traise their children in the best ways. They participated in rodeocompetitions so they couldn’t afford enough time for their kids. Inaddition to that, the parents were constantly fighting so Perry wasexposed to violence when he was a small child. When Perry was oftender age, the parents separated due to domestic violence and Perrymoved to stay with his mother who was a drunkard. With his mother,Perry suffered a lot of emotional and physical abuse as he wentaround seeking space in orphanages. He was a victim of horriblecircumstances he didn’t see the real meaning of life.

Everyperson always seeks to know ways he can use to make it to success inlife (Kurhan, 2014). Perry was not an exception he joined his fathersome years later after staying with his mother. Luckily he wasenlisted in the Army at the age of sixteen. Just after the training,Perry was involved in a fatal motor cycle accident and he couldn’tserve in the Army. He stayed in his friend’s home so that he couldrecover from the injury he sustained after the accident beforejoining his father. When he joined his father they triedunsuccessfully to open a hunting lodge. From the book “In ColdBlood” by Truman Capote Perry is a hardworking man whom nature hasdefiled his breakthroughs are all seized before he can enjoyanything from them.

Thenature does not always give one what he or she goes for. Forinstance, Perry traveled around the country doing lowest paying jobshe was picked up by a guy who advised him that they should berobbers. Having no self-drive, Perry had no objection to that idea ofrobbery since he felt he could fight basing the feeling on the armytraining tactics he had. Perry got involved in serious criminalactivities and he ended up in jail.

Theexperiences one faces in life affects the decisions he or she makes(Santanyana, 2014). If an individual is exposed to harsh environmentthen he or she may also act wildly without minding the consequences.When he was paroled, he joined Dick Hickock so that he could move toKansas to meet his friend. When they reached Kansas, Perry’s friendwas not there so Perry joined Dick’s plan and they murdered theclutter family members in cold blood. Perry and dick escaped toMexico but they later returned to Kansas as they got broke. When theyreturned to Kansas, they were arrested and sentenced to death.


Sometimeslife is so unfair Perry did not get a chance to change his life andlive well like other people who were living well. He was born poor,lived a poor life and died as a disorganized poor man.


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