Characteristics of a Good Population

Characteristicsof a Good Population


Characteristicsof a Good Population

Instatistics, population refers to all the variables that areconsidered in any research. Depending on the nature andcharacteristic of the population, an appropriate data collectionmethod and technique may be used. The population has differentcharacteristics that make it suitable for use of a particular methodof data collection and analysis.

Oneof the characteristic of the sample that may make it possible to beappropriate for mean, median and mode is the number of items in thepopulation. Some data could number to millions or even billions andas such it is very strenuous and difficult to compute the median andthe mode for instance. A lot of time is used, and sampling wouldproduce similar results.

Thesecond characteristic is that the population should have similarproperties to provide reasonable results. For instance, it would bereasonable if population parameters were divided into sub-populationdepending on the special properties that make that population.

Thepopulation should also be well distributed, unpredictable and known.This is to enhance accuracy in computing these measures of centraltendency and increase accuracy while avoiding biases.

InappropriateTo Use

Thepopulation would be inappropriate if data or all items of concern arenot well distributed, known and predictable. All the variables underconsideration should be known precisely if these parameters are to becomputed accurately. The omission of some data in the populationwould produce inaccurate result. Moreover, the size of the variables,items or concerns in the population should be reasonable countable. Alarge number of population variables make it difficult to compute themedian for instance since it takes a lot of time. Appropriatecharacteristics enhance the accuracy of data collection and analysis(Nadar,2011).


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