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Handcoding refers to editing underlying representation of a document or aprogram in a computer. The basic analogy of hand coding is that oneedits the source codes or the textual representation of a documentinstead of using the WYSIWYG editor which always displays anapproximation instead of the actual on the final product. Hand codinghave the ability to control the semantics of a document which cannotbe availed when using the graphical editor. It also develops an innerunderstanding of the methods that underlie a common level ofabstraction. For instance although it has become increasinglydifficult in real life scenarios, students studying computer scienceare required to write a program in an assembly language so as to getan idea of processor registers and other basic elements of computerarchitecture.

Softwarecoding in the technical sense is a process that leads from anoriginal formation of computing to executable computer programs,ShaunBebbington (2014). It main purpose is to develop a sequence ofinstructions which will automate the performance of a particular taskgiven a problem. The process always demands a great group ofexpertise in various subjects such as application domain, algorithmspecialist and formal logic expertise.

Nvivois an application that is used to record, analyze and interpret dataregardless of the format in which they are in whether in PDF’s,word format, excel spreadsheet, ever and end note. As a startingpoint when dealing with qualitative data a project is created thatcontains all documents and coding information that are required inanalysis. Nvivo creates a number of files that are necessary when theproject is first started but extra types files can be added overtime. The qualitative data is always coded using coding schemes whichis done through selection with the help of the navigation viewwindow. The process of coding and inputting data into this softwareis always time consuming but once the process is well done the nextpart of analyzing data is rather made simpler because of theguidelines and even video tutorials that have been provided by thedeveloper of this software.

Moreoverregarding the interview data NVivo provides priori codes which arebased on the theoretical framework and also based on the objectivesor the research questions and the themes which have to be registeredin reflective notes. ‘These last types of codes are not vivo codesbut in some way they are emergent codes, codes are let to emergefrom the data which are either in vivo codes using the informationfrom the interviewee or emergent codes that are within the data butgrounded’(Shaun bebbington, 2014).

Inmultiple coding some stages are seem to be very important that theyhave to be adhered to but some are optional such as first codesinvolving the broad codes. They are very collective and carry thegeneral themes in the data at this stage multiple coding is notimportant though some codes have the possibility of overlapping theywill capture the entire narrative of the theme. Fine coding can alsobe conducted though it depends on the complexity of the researchquestion(Paul graham, 2003).

Nvivocoding possess many merits compared to demerits such as one caneasily gather and work with web pages and on articles using a featureknown as Ncapture, also it has a possibility of coding social mediadata automatically and visualize the results easily. Its work spaceis designed with the concept of Microsoft user interface thus makingis user friendly. Multiple range of resources helps one to getstarted and guide them through the coding process which is inclusiveof video tutorials guides. NVivo handles a wide range of data such asword documents, PDF’s pictures, spreadsheets audio and video filesamong other sources of data. It provides a platform which lets theuser to interchange information with other applications for exampleSPSS, Microsoft excel, surveymonkey end and ever note and in additionit works with various languages. NVivo powerful query tools enableone to view trends and automatic analysis and also one can export andshare findings with colleagues who do not have NVivo.

Thedisadvantages do not seem to be many though the main demerit is thatit takes a lot of time when the user inputs and codes the data. Oncethe categories and codes have been created it becomes extremely hardfor one to alter them or one can be reluctant to do so because ittook a considerably long period of time to input the data. it alsoburdens the user with the task of conducting a solid methodology touse since the application do not provide which methodology is thebest to work with.

Inconclusion NVivo is a simple package that can be used in recordingand analyzing data, it is the most recommended application especiallyif one has to deal with large amounts of data because of the datareduction technique applicable to qualitative or narrative data.


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