Comment for Essay 1 by Adrienne

Commentfor Essay 1 by Adrienne

Ido not agree with the student of this post that there is a literacycrisis in the United States. This is because the existence of a smallpercentage of people, who cannot read or write properly, does notmake it a crisis. A literacy crisis is the situation where a largepopulation of people is illiterate, and the country is outsourcinglabor from other countries. This is not the situation in our countryright now. In addition, I do not agree with the student thattechnology and computers are the causes of illiteracy. This isbecause the technology has in fact helped people to learn, becauseeverybody wants to use technology by being literate.

Commentfor Essay 2 by NickleTrudeau

Iagree with the writer of this post that there is no literacy crisisin the United States. This is because schooling and education aregiven a lot of importance in the United States and the majority ofthe population is not only literate but highly educated. I agree withthe student that the lack of the literacy crisis is because there isa lot of focus on schooling and educational system. However, I do notagree with the argument that people are literate because of thedesire to read classics and learn literature. I believe that peopleare literate, not just for reading, but because of the desire tolearn, build careers and lead better lives.