Comment for Essay 1 by Chase Waynick

Commentfor Essay 1 by Chase Waynick

Iagree with the argument by Chase that the wealthy members of thesociety would take extreme measures to save the species. While Iagree with Chase that the society would take the measures, I feelthat the wealthy class would do anything to protect their lineage andkeep their existence in the future. This is because they can affordsuch measures and services that seek to promote or facilitatefertility. I agree with the agreement and example given by Chase thatwealthy people would result to surrogate childbearing in the societyin the case of a fertility crisis situation.

Commentfor Essay 2 by LaurenGraham

WhileI agree with the assertion by Lauren that people would be scared ifthere was a fertility crisis, I think that the whole society wouldnot take such extreme measures. It is not the entire society thatwould take such measures, but those who can afford such measures. Ialso agree with is the example that the extreme measures would belikened to those taken to deal with endangered animal species. Thiswould be difficult to handle humans because it is challenging to keepthem out of the society, just like it happens in TheHandmaid’s Tale,where keeping the concubines goes against human rights.However, I agree with Lauren that some sought of incentives could bedevised to attract people to take such extreme measures.