Comment for Essay 1 by Lauren Graham

Commentfor Essay 1 by LaurenGraham

Iagree with Lauren’s view that dystopian media helps us to deal withour fears. The view of Lauren that dystopian media helps us toappreciate the world that we have is also in coherence with my viewthat the media gives the society the mirror to reflect how a badworld would look like. However, I tend to think that the samedystopian media is responsible for creating a sense of dystopianthinking as it propagates the dystopian thinking and fear. Inagreement with the Lauren, I think the dystopian media is good forthe society. However, I take a different opinion that dystopian mediais only good when it does not create the dystopian fear, but warningfor the society.

Commentfor Essay 2 by Kyle Rau

Iagree with Kyle that dystopian media and literature is a good thingfor the society. However, in a disagreement view, I think that thedystopian media is only good when it contributes to making thesociety a better place, rather than a place to fear. The dystopianmedia that create fear among the people is not good for the society,unless if the fear inspires people take measure of preventing therealization of dystopia. I disagree that the dystopian technology asper the examples given in the post are good for the society. This isbecause such a world represents the level of dystopia that createsfear, rather than a better world.