Communication management






Beforedeveloping a persuasive sales message, there is specific questionsone need to answer. These questions include:

  • What is the service, product or service you intend to sell?

  • What is the audience?

  • What is the desired action the audience is expected to take?

Apersuasive message for a new universal remote for use with personalmedia center may read

“Areyou tired of multiple media control gargets? Are you tired of fullsized controls with nasty tangled cables? Our new universal remotewill give you a new experience while watching Netflix or Hulu on anyof your personal garget. Try out new multifunctional super controllerand you will never regret”


AccordingtoMaslow’sneed hierarchy, the decisions made by individuals are influenced byone of the five levels of needs in the hierarchy. This theory can beused in drafting persuasive messages by appealing to one of themotivation drivers proposed by Maslow to initiate action by theintended audience. For example, the second level of Maslow’s needhierarchy is safety and security. A persuasive message may entice anindividual that a house in a particular neighborhood is safer for hisor her family. Since safety and security influences decision makingin this level of need, the message can be effective in persuading theindividual to take a particular action.


Thereare several types of persuasive messages that can be used in bothprofessional and personal life. They include:

  • Sales messages

  • Favor requests

  • Claim messages and

  • Persuasive messages within an organization.


Theattention getting ideas that can be used to market a wirelesscomputer network include:

  • Personal experience

  • Offering solution to a problem

  • “What if” opening statement

  • Startling statement

  • A success story


Theadvice I would give a sales supervision having trouble in providingevidence for statement is a persuasive email would be:

  • To present data and statistics to support the statement.

  • Compare the product with other products in the market the audience may be aware of.

  • Be objective and avoid exaggerations that may disapprove the statement or weaken the statement.



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DearMs. Reston,

OutRotary Club is faced with numerous issues relating business ethics.There are numerous unethical incidences that are associated with therotary club. Two of the former executives have been convicted withfraud and other illegal activities. As you mat be aware, the lack ofethics at the rotary club has been in the headline in the recentpast.

Itis the desire of the rotary club to adhere to the highly level ofbusiness ethics and abide by the law. However, some of our membersmay not be aware of the implications of their actions or decisions.This is an important concern to the rotary club. In an attempt todeal with this problem, we have decided that one of out monthlymeeting will focus on educating our members on the implications ofunethical practices. We have scheduled a meeting to be held inNovember 4that the rotary headquarters. Our theme for the meeting will be“Ethics, how it affects you and your business”.

Wehave invited several legal experts and scholars to handle the topic.However, due to your expertise and your position in the state, yourword will have a significant impact on the impact of the symposium.Therefore, we would like to invite you to speak to our members andguests in this meeting. As an appreciation, we will meet the cost ofyour traveling, in addition to an honorarium. The legal consequencesof unethical activities by some of our members and executive havenegatively affected the rotary and the community in general.

Kindlylet me know if you can honor us and participate in the occasion. Youcan contact me directly at you convenience. We would love to hearfrom you. I would expect to hear from you by mid September in orderto make the necessary arrangement.




To: All employees

CleanAir with Car Pools

Youneed to breathe in order to live. While you have an influence on thequality of air your and other people breath, you can not choose theair you want to breathe. However, we have a direct and significantinfluence on the quality of air we have breathe. This is based on thedecision we make individually and correctively. Although there hasbeen an improvement in the quality of air in the last few decades,even small amounts of air pollution have impact on the quality of airwe breathe. The health impacts of unclean air are very clean to allof us. We have been victims or we know people who have been victimsof respiratory diseases and related illnesses directly attributed tounclean air

Ourcompany is committed to environmentally sustainable activities. It isthe desire of the management to contribute to clean air in theenvironment. As part of ensuring that the company contributes toclean air in the city, the management urges you to join the car pool.This will improve the quality of air in the environment and thus thehealth is residents in the city. A city with clean air translatesinto improved health for your family and friends.

Thecar pool program has been designed to make it easy and convenient foryou. We will match you with within your area of residence. Theprogram is also flexible to suit individuals in different workingschedules to make the logistics easier and convenient. The program isan advantage to you, by reducing the struggle of driving through busyroads across the city.

Toenable us match you with people in your area, we request you toattend a brief meeting on Friday 15thAugust. The details of the program will be communicated during themeeting. Kindly return this email to confirm receipt and attendance.Together, we can make the environment cleaner.