Communication model


To improve the communication process between the engineering and themarketing departments requires that the message sent from each end iscorrectly decoded by the other side. The units must follow thecommunication model where the sender encodes the message, sends itand the receiver is able to decode it and understand it. This willensure that the receiver is in a position to respond or offerfeedback to the sender. It is useful for the two units to understandthat there are various factors such as social, psychological andenvironmental factors that may affect the delivery of messages fromone end to the other (McShane &amp Von Glinow, 2013).

In order for the employees between the two departments tocommunicate effectively, there must be an effective communicationchannel for both the sender and the receiver of the message. Forinstance, there are some people who will prefer face to faceconversations while others will prefer texting or phone calls.Secondly, the sender and the receiver of the message must be readingfrom the same code book (McShane &amp Von Glinow, 2013). Thisimplies that the sender and the receiver of the information must bein a position to decode the message and have the same interpretationof the message sent or received. Experience encoding the message orunderstanding the various words and terminologies is essential. Thesender and the receiver of the message must be in a position tounderstand the various words and phrases and must have experience inunderstanding the code book if there will be effective communication(McShane &amp Von Glinow, 2013). Lastly, the sender and the receiverof the information must have a common mental picture of thecommunication environment. This will ensure that both have the sameunderstanding of the message.

The student opinion regarding how to improve communication betweenthe engineering and the marketing department is plausible. It isclear that for people from different unit to communicate andunderstand each other, they must both understand each other’s goalsand operations. Having employees from each department work togetheris essential since this will create awareness on the needs of eachdepartment.


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