Community Nursing



Q#1)Population Health Intervention Strategies

ViolencePrevention: Firearms Laws

of the intervention and if it will work in my area

Firearmslaw is an important intervention that the government might implementfor the prevention of violence. It is evident that firearms have beenused to carry out violence activities and even murder in the society.The illegal possession of firearms is on the increase, and this hasbecome a threat to the social security. Therefore, for years now, theFederal States, and the local laws have put efforts to regulate thefirearms, carrying, sale, the acquisition, storage, distribution andusing the firearms throughout the US. This move by the government isvery important for the prevention of violence in the community. Gunenforcement is a very critical issue when it comes to the preventionof violence in the society. There is the need to have stronger lawsthat will result in enforcement of the act. Most citizens have accessto the outlet selling illegal guns and ammunitions that they in turnuse to commit illegal activities and even terrorize the community.

Basedon the Community Preventive Services Task Force (2014), this measureof firearms laws is a very vital approach, and it is it evident thatit will work within my community. People accessing the firearmsshould be barred from doing so by closing down all the illegal gunand ammunitions outlet and in the process establish and implement thelaw that will criminalize illegal possesses of firearms. This will inthe process reduce the number of guns available in the hands of thecitizens, hence reducing cases of violence within the community. Thegovernment should set up restrictions on the acquisition of firearmsand even create a procedural firearm registration and even licensingof owners of firearms to discourage those willing to own a gun. Thelocal areas should be presented with a measure that will result inzero tolerance of firearms, especially in schools and this will inturn lead to a reduced level of violence in the society (Nies &ampMcEwen, 2014). The legislation that will be implemented will entailan enforcement that is aimed to ban or even control the use ofillegal guns in the society hence reducing the level of violence.

Whetherfirearm law is considered a primary, secondary, or tertiaryprevention strategy

Afirearms law as a measure of violence prevention is a primaryprevention strategy (Nies &amp McEwen, 2014). This is because thelaw is aimed at preventing any possibility of violence that may takeplace within the society as a result of illegal ownership offirearms. This measure is also directed to prevent any exposure tothe hazards that may cause violence that in the process maylead to injury or even death.

Q#2)Disasters and Communicable Disease Preparedness

Elementsthat are important to stress to the community

Preparingfor natural disasters or communicable disease outbreaks within thesociety is an important part of public health nursing. As a communityhealth nurse, I think is important for the community members to besmart. It is necessary for the community to understand fullyconcerning the hazards that may affect them, especially where themembers live or work. Secondly, it is advisable for the members ofthe community to take part in the preparedness for the disaster. Theyshould all take part to prepare for the actual process of preparing.According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (2014), themembers should come together and work out on a procedure to befollowed to ensure that they are adequately prepared for thedisaster.

Allthe efforts of the society’s members should be utilized, and allshould be encouraged to participate in the activity. Lastly, it isimportant for the members of the society to be prepared for anydisaster that may befall the society. All the relevant and availablemeans of communication should be used, and all the necessaryresources required for the preparedness purposes should be plannedfor and made available to be used in the event of a disaster.

Howwell my community is prepared for a potential outbreak or disaster

Adisaster is an event that takes place without warning, and when ithappens, it causes a destruction of properties, death, anddisplacement of people. It is important for the society to beprepared enough to handle such emergencies that may lead todestruction in the community. My community is well prepared for apotential disaster adequately. There is a community emergency planfor bad weather, fire, drought, and other emergencies that may takeplace. In addition to this, the community has adequate emergencysupplies on hand to handle and manage the possible disaster that maytake place. There is a designated safe area set aside in thecommunity for members of the community to run to in case of anemergency (Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2014). All themembers of the community have been briefed adequately on what theyshould do in case of an emergency to avoid further destruction andinjuries. With all these measures in place, I believe the communityis well prepared for the cases of emergency both now and in thefuture.


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