Conflict management



Distributivenegotiation involves a fixed amount of resources whatever one partygains the other loses in this kind of approach. It is useful andapplicable when both parties do not know each other. However, itcannot be used by parties that need to develop a permanentrelationship with one another in the future. Integrative negotiationrefers to an approach that aims at producing greater outcome for bothparties than either could reach on its own. This approach is moreefficient, minimize posturing, as well as results in betterarrangements as compared to distributive one (Benoliel,2011).

Michelleshould take an integrative approach to the negotiation since herposition is not strong enough but she still want to win something inthe negotiation. Also, Michelle still wants to maintain long termdependability with her employer hence, this approach is the safest.


Issue: Negotiating a better working shift

Issuesand bargaining mix:she needs a better working shift, meet her home life responsibilities

Sheis a single mom and takes her child to day care that is only openbetween 8:30-5:30 (Monday to Friday)

Therefore,10:00am-6.00pm Tuesday-Saturday really inconvenience her

Interestof both parties: Nikki wants to meet the increase in orders while Michelle wants tobe part of the company while at the same time meeting her familyneeds

Resistancepoints:shifts offered include working over the weekend

Michelle’salternatives: Working between 7:00 am-3:00 pm M-F or 10:00am-6:00pm M-F

BATNA:working shift be 10:00am-6:00pm M-F

Michelle’sobjectives: to be given a shift that helps her workplace needs as well as herfamily needs

Openingbids:to work between 9.00am -5.15pm M-F

Constituentsand social context:Nikki and Hr manager to be present and the negotiation to be held atHr office,

Oneor two observers may be included to watch and critique thenegotiation

Thenegotiation should take place in a context of rules

Otherparty: What is important to Nikki? What sort of deal will appeal to them?

Meetor call the other party and speak to them prior to the formalnegotiation so as to try and get its perspective

Speakto people who have passed through such a situation

Defenseand protocols: Plan her defense in advance and ensure writtenprotocols of the company are followed to the latter

Drawa list of issues and prioritize them before the meeting

Definetime and duration of the negotiation


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Conflict Management


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Theconflict posted by my colleague indicates the gravity of workplaceconflict and the impact it has on the working environment within anyformal setting of an organization. Lack of progressive mental shiftamong the medical nurses and the nurses’ aide on the part of thenew RN served to ruin the cordial working relationship within themedical facility. Since the nurses were accustomed to old medicalpractices and the new RN wanted to implement new healthcare servicesthere was bound to be conflicts due to the lack of change program.This change program would allow everyone within the medical center toadapt to the new 21stcentury nursing methods and techniques hence minimizingconfrontations.

Readingthrough various conflict management handbooks it’s mandatory thatthe enforcement of Change Programs become imminent so that allmedical employees are conversant with all the changes in medicalpractice and treatment plans. In addition, the new RN should haveapproached the nurses and the nurse’s aide with professionalism andwit because she knew they were only aware of the old practices andcompletely unaware of her ambitions of changing the services offeredby the medical center. Enforcing conflict resolution techniques likethe Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) will allow bothparties the new RN and the employees to compromise and accommodateeach other’s perspectives as well as shortcomings withoutgrumblings in order to realize a common objective. This conflictresolution model will allow the peaceful and mutual understanding ofboth parties’ weaknesses and strengths without interfering with theultimate goal of improving the medical services at the hospital(Thomas&ampKilmann, 2007).

Inconclusion, my colleague attempted to create a scenario that wouldeventually result in conflict but at the same time provide room forresolution which works to benefit all those involved.


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