Contingencies of Power


Contingenciesof Power

Powercan be described as the degree of ability that an individual has ininfluencing the values, beliefs, conduct, or attitude of anotherperson. There is a high probability that an individual will becomeinfluenced by another person to act in the manner that the persondesires, when one has greater power. Power is very critical toorganizations and individuals since it can be utilized by individualsand organizations in accomplishing their goals (Hatch&ampCunliffe,2013). Power can be used in influencing the attitude or conduct ofindividuals in order to make the conduct or attitude of individualsto become congruent with the activity that needs to be achieved.There are different sources of power that followers and leaders canhave at their disposal.

Inthe situation provided, the Major League Baseball players can beperceived to hold more power in the month of September compared tothe power that they would hold in the month of March. The playerswould hold more power in the month of September compared to Marchbecause their actions in the month of September would cause a greaterloss to the clubs as well as to the owners. For instance, inSeptember, their strike would lead to big financial loss on the sideof the club owners. Since the club owners would not want to makelosses, they would call for negotiations with the players, where theywould try to strike a deal with the players. In this case, they wouldnot have otherwise, but would have to go as per the players’requests.

Theplayers utilized their contingency power approach since they realizedthat in case they stayed until May, their negotiating power wouldbecome less effectual. The negotiating power that the players heldcould only be effectual in September because this is the time thatclub owners could lose vast amounts of resources during playoffs.Going on strike in September would be effective since the club ownersneeded players more because they had to remain active during theperiod.

Inthis case, the source of power for the players was expert power.Expert power is a kind of power that originates within an individual.It is usually based on the skills or knowledge of an individual,which are perceived to be valuable and important to an organizationin attaining a desired goal (Hatch&ampCunliffe,2013). The players can be depicted to have expert power because theypossessed skills that were critical for the club owners. This isbecause the club owners could not have made money without theplayers, which implies that the club owners could not haveaccomplished their goals without the players. On the other hand, theplayers centrality power contingency. This is so because the absenceof players would result to high impact on the clubs the absence ofplayers would make the clubs unable to realize their goals. Becauseof the financial loss that the clubs would realize due to the strikeof players, the players have more leverage going on strike inSeptember.


TheMajor League Baseball players would have more negotiating power inthe month of September compared to the power that they would have inMarch because club owners would need the players more in the month ofSeptember compared to the month of March. Therefore, the playerswould have effective power in September, when the clubs cannot dowithout them.


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