Course Project

ABC medical center

ABC medical center is a relatively large medical facility with bothinpatient and outpatient facilities. The facility serves over amillion patients, a quarter of which are uninsured. The facility hasbeen in operation for the last three decades. ABC medical center is amanaged by the municipality through a board of directors as well asexecutives managers. The facility operates seven acute carehospitals, four nursing homes, a children hospital and over tenprimary care centers. ABC medical center serves both employed andunemployed members of the society. Annually, ABC facility receivesover 150, 000 admissions, over seven hundred thousand emergency roomsvisits and over four million clinic visits. The facility hasspecialists in all fields of medical practice ranging from nurses,nutritionists, general physicians, dentists, surgeons, therapists,gynecologists and obstetricians, therapists, public health officersand therapists among others. All the specialists have offices locatedwithin the facility premises. Additionally, ABC medical center hasall the facilities necessary in a world class medical facility. Thisincludes outpatient clinics, doctors’ offices, consultation rooms,ambulance services, theatres, residential treatment centers andwards, pharmacies and drug stores, laboratories, radiology and X rayfacilities, ECG facilities, physiotherapy facilities, maternity,children hospital and mental health facility. ABC medical centerserves both insured and uninsured patients. As a result, the facilityaccepts a wide range of payment options. This includes healthmaintenance organization (HMO), preferred provider organization(PPO), point of service plan (POS) and high deductible health plan(HDHP). In the recent past, the facility has made numerous attemptsto adopt the most sophisticated and modern technologies that supportthe health care systems. This includes electronic medical recordswhich has had a huge impact on the facility operations.


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