Course Reflection KINE S081

CourseReflection KINE S081

1.Do you usually understand what is expected of you in preparing forand participating in this class? If not, please explain why not

Inpreparing for this class, I always understand what is expected of mein the course. I understand that it is expected of me to review theentire unit, and evaluate the topic that we have covered in thecourse before. Doing this before every class makes me aware of theexpectations of the class by knowing the topic that will be covered.In addition, I understand my expectation of the participation inclass by actively listening and concentrating in every session. Atthe same time, reviewing the topic of the day before this class givesme an overview of the topic and promotes my understanding of theteacher’s explanations.

2.Is the class moving too slowly, too quickly or just right? Pleaseexplain

Theclass is moving just right. This is because the pace of the class isat the most optimum level that is considerate of all the studentsparticipating in it. On one side, the class is not fast for those whoare slow in learning and following up with the teaching-learningprocess. On the other hand, the class is not slow for the studentswho are quick in learning and get familiar with new knowledge.Therefore, I highly appreciate the pace and would hope that the classcontinues with the same pace. This will be for the benefit of boththe students and the instructor of the class.

3.What aspects of the course have been most valuable to your learning?(Readings, power points, discussion forums, self surveys, learningassessments)

Inthis course, all the aspects of the class have been valuable for me.To take the most valuable aspects of the course will therefore be aclose call for me to make. However, I find readings being one of themost valuable aspects of the course for me. I love every reading inthe course because they provide insightful information and knowledgeof health and wellness. In addition, the use of discussion forums wasvery valuable because it gave me an opportunity to learn how otherparticipants understood the class. I was able to share myunderstanding and also get their views on my understanding. Moreover,the learning assessments were valuable because it gave me the chanceto express my understanding of the course content.

4.Do you have any suggestions on any aspects of the course where youthink improvement is needed?

Inthis course, I have no much suggestion because all the aspects of thecourse are going on well. I have been impressed by the way the classhas been conducted, and the effectiveness of my learning process.However, I would suggest that the same teaching-learning methods andtools used so far, be used until we complete the class. I would alsosuggest that the same course activities, aspects and content be usedin the future, classes for the current and future students.

5.Is there anything else about your experience in this course that youwould like to add at this time?

Theexperience about this course has been insightful and educational. Iwould like to add that I have learned more things than the course hascalled for me to learn. This is because the course involved extensiveknowledge about the real things that happen in the real world. As aresult of this practical content, I was able to learn important lifeskills in health, well being and personal skills that I could nothave anticipated to learn. The course has opened me to a betterunderstanding of myself and other people. I am sure I have become abetter person than the beginning of the course.