Coursework Part 1





Thepurpose of Major Fambrough`s presence in the story is to depict thecharacters of Native Americans. The character is an indication of thestereotypes that are evident in the American society as well as inHollywood conventions. They insane officer, Major Fambrough who isalcoholic and commits suicide is a stereotype of Indians.


Standwith a First was one of the white persons in the film. All the otheractors were Native Americans. The women in the film had tightlybraided or combed hair while she had messed up hair. This was is partof character development and suggests that while Native Americanwomen can comfortably survive in the wild, white women can not.


Themovie shows the stereotypical view of Native Americans where they aredepicted as uncivilized savages who are unwelcoming to settlers. Forexample, in the first encounter with Native Americans, John Dunbar,they tried to steal his donkey. As a result, there was astereotypical view of Indians as thieves.


Thestory of a Stands with a First is based on a true story. However, thememories of the massacre serve two purposes. First, the developmentof the character and the back story and secondly, emphasis thestereotypical view of Native Americans.


Thewhites in the film viewed Native Americans as cruel individuals whocould be compared to the animals. The killing of the animals by thewhites can be viewed as the conquering the uncivilized and inhumanIndians. Therefore, it also factors into the stereotyping.


Thesuper hero character of a super hero also factors into stereotypingin the film. It portrayed the whites as individuals with extraordinary abilities and intelligence when compared to NativeAmericans.



ChristopherMcCandless complained to her sister about his parents, especiallytheir attempt to buy him a new car. Therefore, the Alaskan Odysseycan be viewed as an attempt to show his parents that he was selfreliant. On the hand, it can also be viewed as a rite of passagewhere Christopher McCandless aimed at creating a new life forhimself, away from the influence from other people.


ChristopherMcCandless was always against excessive and unnecessary materialismand material possession. He regarded simplicity and pure goodness,idealism and self reliance. Although his parents were wealthy,Christopher McCandless value life and its true meaning. This forcedhis to leave the comfort of an affluent family.


ChristopherMcCandless was motivated by the need for reliance and happiness tomore away from his family and the society. On the other hand, thedesire to preserve the wilderness and the environment inspired JohnMuir to leave the comfort of the society. HenryDavid Thoreau admonition focuses on personal renewal and awakening inorder to appreciate the true meaning of life. Question 4Moneymeans everything in human society. Even the most desperateindividual, such as a tramp is too easy with money. However, Alex andMuir have a different thinking. They believe that the true meaningof life can be achieved without the comfort of money and all what itcan buy. While Alex burned all his money, Muir left the comfort ofhis wealthy family to struggle in isolation in the wild. Question 5AlthoughI do not consider ChristopherMcCandless an idiot, he was not a hero. He had great thoughts aboutwhat he values in life. However, his approach was wrong and thereforedid not achieve a fulfilling life. His desire to live simply and insolitary killed him and therefore he can be used a cautionary tale. Question 6 ChristopherMcCandless had a bad relationship with the mythical west. He wasagainst the materialistic life about the mythical west. The west inhis imagination does not become a reality and therefore he decides tolive away from the mythical west.