Cover letter



23rdJuly 2015

RoyalBank of Canada,

50Innovation Drive,


RE:Application for a Position as Part Time Accounts Payable Processor

Pleasefind enclosed my CV for the application for a position as a Part TimeAccounts Payable Processor at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) that wasadvertised on 19th July 2015 in the Metro News. I am thereforewriting to show my interest for the position, as I believe I have thenecessary skills and experiences that would be a great asset to yourorganization. I have an extensive work experience in a number offields that I believe will be of asset to your firm. For instance, Ihave the relevant accounting skills that attained while in theuniversity. I have proficiency in computer packages and accountingsoftware including Pastel, QuickBooks, and Sage. Additionally, thenature of the degree that I attained has prepared me adequately forthis position. My deep calculation skills and ability will be anasset to the firm since I am in a position to work comfortably withall the units of measure.

I am a fast and a very accurate learner, flexible, reliable with akeen eye for tiny details. I have a good English communicationcommand and interpersonal skills, and I should be more than gratefulif given this excellent opportunity to expand my skills and progressin the competitive market. I am keen to be part of the reputable ahighly profiled company like Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). I have alist of references that would be provided upon your request and wouldbe delighted to discuss my competency in relation to the jobrequirements with you at your convenience. I am available to take onthe responsibility of this job position immediately and have theenthusiasm to make sure that I make a success of it. Feel free tocontact me at any time at (902)534-6666.





Dateof Birth:16TH July 1992

PostalAddress: Halifax, NS B3N0C3

EmailAddress: [email protected]



Bachelorof Commerce Degree

Major:Management and Marketing (CAPP)

Enrolledin the Co-operative Education Program

SaintMary`s University, Halifax, NS

Sept2013-Saint Mary`s University, Halifax, NS

Expectedgraduation, May 2016

Sept2012 – July 2014 International Trade

GuangzhouCollege of South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China


• Problem-solvingskills: Ability to apply the logical approach to issues that tend tominimize conflict and in the process produces positive results.

• Customerservice: A capability to communicate effectively with the rest of theteam members with diverse cultural backgrounds

• Collaborativeteam member: The capability of collaborating effectively with therest of the team members

• Strongcomputer applications skills: Proficient skills in the use ofMicrosoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Access


• Ihave a commendable communication and interpersonal skills implyingthat I can read and even understand the given instruction well

• Excellentcalculation skills and abilities implying that I am in a betterposition to work with all the units of measure

• Ihave in-depth accounting experienced gained for the university whereI was learning

• Iacquired experience in recording, interpreting and reporting offinancial information worked as a volunteer as an Accounts office ina hospital,

• Excellentcalculation capability implying that I can work with any unit ofmeasurement

• Iam flexible and have keen interest in details that will enable meexcel in the ever-changing work environment


• Iacquired a certificate in accounting software such as QuickBooks,Pastel, and Sage

• Icompleted short course of certificate in computer packages thatcovered Excel, Word, spreadsheets, and E-mail


• Tobe a global policy maker of high integrity, transparency andaccountability to relatively influence national and globaldevelopment


• English:I am fluent in both spoken and written

• Chinese:Mother tongue


Thereferees will be provided upon your request


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