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56Walter Havill Dr,

Halifax,NS B3N0C3,


[email protected]

RE:Application for a Position of Part Time Accounts Payable Processor

Followingyour advertisement on the job position as a Part Time AccountsPayable Professor at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), I write to expressmy interest in the above-mentioned position as advertised in yourorganization. I am a third year student at Saint Mary`s Universitywith deep firsthand experience in various fields as follows: I havegained a profound accounting experience while learning in theinstitution since I volunteered to work in the accounts office in ahospital, where I was engaged in responsibilities such as recording,interpreting and reporting of financial information. Besides, I haveproficiency in computer and have the ability to use accountingsoftware such as QuickBooks, Pastel, and Sage. In addition, I holdexceptional communication skills, which implies that I can read andunderstand instructions well. Furthermore, I have good calculationability that implies that I can be in a position to work with anyunit of measure. I have considered my level of capabilities againstthe job requirements and I am convinced that I am a suitablecandidate for the position. I would be very grateful for theopportunity to progress in the changing market trends. I can take onthe responsibility of this position immediately, and have theenthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of it. I look forward to speaking with you about this employmentopportunity.






Dateof Birth: 16TH July 1992

PostalAddress: Halifax, NS B3N0C3

EmailAddress: [email protected]


EmploymentHistory and Work experience

Ivolunteered to work in the accounts office in a hospital, where Iacquired experience in recording, interpreting and reporting offinancial information.

Ihave good calculation ability that implies that I can be in aposition to work with any unit of measure

Ihold exceptional communication skills, which implies that I can readand understand instructions well.

Ihave gained accounting experience while learning in the institution

Ihave the ability to operate efficiently and smart in a fast-paced andever-changing work environment

Ihave an excellent organizational skills and the ability toprioritize the organizational activities to make sure that theactivities are all in line with the objectives of the organizationand to ensure that the objective are met


Iam currently a third-year student Saint Mary`s University pursuing adegree in Business majoring in Accounting

Isuccessfully completed my Secondary school certificate and attained agood grade to enable me secure a chance at Saint Mary`s University


Isuccessfully completed a certificate in computer application andaccounting software such as QuickBooks, Pastel, and Sage

Iacquired a certificate in Computer packages skills in the use ofExcel, Word, spreadsheets, general ledger, and E-mail


Travelling,making new friends and Diving


English:I am fluent in both spoken and written

Dutch:Mother tongue


Thereferees will be provided upon request